Meet the Conchiglie – a quirky little lemon squeezer that’s inspired by pasta!

Imagine you’re Jon Favreau. You have Scarlett Johansson sitting on your couch looking decidedly seductive, admiring you as you prepare a hearty bowl of Spaghetti Aglio e Olio as a midnight snack for the both of you. You’ve strained the noodles, prepared the garlic oil, mixed it all together, and sprinkled a bit of parsley all over. All the dish needs is a dash of lemon, and you bust out the Conchiglie lemon squeezer to finish your pasta with a bit of tang… it’s all just perfect!

The Conchiglie is a neat, conch-shaped device inspired directly by the conchiglie pasta. Colored in yellow and molded out of food-grade silicone, the Conchiglie comes with a hollow inner that’s perfectly sized for a lemon-half. Slip the lemon in and squeeze it from the outside and the Conchiglie does a wonderful job of juicing the lemon without getting your hands all sticky and messy. The silicone construction gives you the friction and grip you need, and a tiny strainer at the end of the conch helps catch the lemon seeds as you juice away. And when you’re done impressing miss googly-eyed Scarlett Johansson, just chuck the Conchiglie in a dishwasher and it’ll clean right up! Although you should probably discard those lemon seeds before you do…

Designer: Avichai Tadmor (Monkey Business)