This aromatherapy diffuser’s interchangeable magnetic ears transform it into different animals!

You can call me a fan of Fulden Dehneli’s work because everything she has designed so far always has a personal story or deeper meaning apart from improved functionality. Her designs, be it TV or a face mask, always leave you feeling good and the latest one to evoke that emotion is BOOP – an aromatherapy oil diffuser that has been specifically made for kids!

When you hear the word ‘boop’ you would usually associate it with a gentle, swift touch on the nose. The oil diffuser was called so because Dehneli wanted it to embody that ‘boop’ feeling in a physical product that made you feel as if someone gave you a loving pat. Aromatherapy is a proven natural solution to create a healthy environment while enhancing the mood. It adds to the ambiance while soothing the nervous system with the essential oil blend. Aromatherapy is known to induce calm, reduce discomfort, and promote good sleep for every user but usually, the diffusers’ aesthetics are chosen for grown-ups. This product combines an oil diffuser with a white noise machine for a more multidimensional effect.

The oil diffuser features interchangeable magnetic ear and nose parts so children can easily transform it into a cuddly bear, a sweet bunny, or a playful fox within seconds. This little modular detail lets little ones come up with their own stories and form a bond with a product – it’s as simple as “This is mine, this stays in my room, this is not my mom’s thing,” which inculcates a sense of personal space as well. Its friendly form, calming sound selections, and the gentle glowing light in the belly add to the warmth of the product. BOOP aims to make kids feel comfortable and protected by giving them something that kickstarts their own self-care routine early on.

Designer: Fulden Dehneli