Game of Thrones-inspired spoons will bring elegance and drama to your dinner table

Oh, Game of Thrones, whatever our take on the faults of the final season, one thing remains, we can’t ignore the series or the impact it had on our lives with hours of discussions, theories and lets not even get started on the number of inspired souvenirs I own! But all that is pushed aside with just one look at these elaborately crafted spoons, designed in collaboration between HBO and Magnum as a part of their limited-edition collection, with each design representing the houses that played a part in the show in an iconic manner. From the gleaming red and gold Lannister-worthy engraving to the stark fierceness of the northerners, each of these spoons completely defines the characteristics that made this series such an epic exercise in storytelling.

Designers: André Toledo, Lucas Somariva, Jaime Ludeña Díaz & Sazky TM for Magnum & HBO

The Stark-inspired spoon is as prickly as those stoic northern men! The blue and silver colors run through this design with the dire wolf carving guarding the owner of the spoon. Now, if only this was a valyrian steel sword.

Red and gold shine through this lion-engraved creation that perfectly showcases everything a Lannister has to offer! Also, with a spoon this royal, you will surely have no debts left to pay.

For the House that has been defined by fire and madness running through its veins, this awe-inspiring spoon for the House Targaryen displays their iconic three-headed dragon, guaranteeing the respect and admiration of its followers to the one that holds the throne, or in this case, the spoon!

What Is Dead May Never Die. And if it does, bring it back with this Kracken-bearing spoon designed for the worthy rulers of the House Greyjoy. This spoon would be awesome comeback if we ever hear the words, unleash the Kraken!

Below: The Making