These spice shakers embody the literal beauty of seasons and seasoning!

The Four Seasons shakers are quite literally perfection. Capturing four different types of seasoning, and embodying them in snow-globe-esque containers, Qualy Design’s Four Seasons shakers are just simply clever and adorable at the same time. Not only are they well designed, the absolutely witty wordplay makes the product even more lovable!

You’ve got four shakers that embody four different seasons, and hold four different seasonings. Designed for salt, pepper, dried herbs, and chili flakes, the shakers come with plants on the inside that pair well with the seasoning. The salt shaker has a fir tree, making the salt crystals look like snowflakes forming a rich white layer on the floor. The pepper shaker comes with a cactus inside, turning the shaker into an arid desert scene (make sure you use white pepper for proper effect!) For the dried herbs, you’ve got a regular fern, while the herbs look almost like a bed of aromatic grass, and lastly, the chili flakes shaker comes with a barren tree, making the flakes look like shed leaves in autumn. Sheer genius, isn’t it?!

Designer: Qualy Design

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