Bathroom Designs that help you step away from the chaos and be your zen space

It’s a shame how often we ignore our bathrooms. Usually made to fit the leftover space in our apartment, these are the spaces where we let our products pile up – and let’s not even speak of the wet towels on the floor. I think bathrooms, when designed with the attention they deserve, can be your moment of calm. After all, we do spend a lot of time there and that’s the one place in the entire house where your privacy is guaranteed! Let’s get inspired by Monica Geller and let our baths be our de-stressing zone – the designs showcased below are sure to be a must-have in your Pinterest Board for future renovations.

Japanese brand INAX has “reimagined the bathroom experience” with products that reflect the inherently Japanese qualities of being thoughtful, sophisticated, and minimal. “Japan is a country blessed with an abundance of water,” explained the bathroom manufacturer. “The Japanese have not only used water to live but have traditionally used it to reset one’s soul, believing that water has the power to wash away impurities,” they added. The entire bathroom carries this reverence, that is amplified by the presence of the tree and the lines repeated across the tiles – they bring to mind the bamboo walls preferred in the island country.

Forget the plain-old white tiles bathrooms that seem almost clinical in their approach. Studio MDDM brings a burst of sunshine to this entire apartment in Beijing’s House P by inverting tradition – they went with bright yellow walls to be complemented by stark white furnishings. To continue with the experimental nature of the design, the house uses strategically placed terrazzo tiles that includes a medley of colors along with a dash of yellow.

Minimalist Bathrooms designed by Nichba Design are an exercise in restraint and geometry. Given the stark-ness of the bathroom, one would expect us to feel strange but the symmetry of the design is so soothing, one can’t help but be entranced. Especially the product designers going through this list will share our love of this bathroom design!

Titled Ethnic Minimalism, this interior design by Studio Light Design makes the most of the minimal bedroom with the surrounding views to enthrall you. Using stone and natural textures, this space uses black to create a stark yet minimal contrast to the entire room.

Let’s take a step back and appreciate this music-influenced bathroom design. From the turntables shaped sinks, the pin-like faucet, and knobs that call to mind the geometric beauty of radio – extreme attention to detail has been given to every aspect of this bathroom. I’m sure this design will inspire you to create your own melodies, after all inspiration can strike anywhere!

Bathroom designs don’t have to be complicated to add a hit of color to them. Take for example this bathroom in the Unit 662 house by Rainville Sangaré – the design utilizes a dichroic glass to create an interesting contrast inside this brutalist apartment. The rest of the furnishings within the bathroom reflect the minimal concrete + white aesthetics repeated in the house.

Love Affairs collection by Wow Design showcasing a transition in the tiling between two different natural materials – going from marble to wood effortlessly. The interior design uses metallic accents, both gold and matte black to balance the warmth and coolness that flows through the house. The wood with its gold contrast, the white with its black lines – there is symmetry in the flow of the design.

This pristine bathroom design by Forte Design Studio perfectly incorporates neutral black and white tones with a touch of wood, resulting in a clean and subtle aesthetic. Almost retro in its inspiration, the designer has used geometry repeatedly – through the hexagonal floor tiles to the white wall tiles and the black grid that holds the shower in place. The bathroom speaks of comfort yet homeliness in one package.

Artists Library in San Diego by Safdie Rabines Architects utilizes concrete tiles and fixtures. Concrete, yes, and I truly think concrete is a very under-estimated element. While concrete has been the flag-holder of the brutalist design movement, Artists Library has balanced the coolness of the concrete with wicker. Such a unique combination that is shocking in theory but makes us fall in love with its practical application!

Archway-inspired bathroom by ITLAS makes us feel like we have almost stepped-back into time through a time-traveling arch. The design is very well planned, with an exposed brick facade to balance the modern mirror with its backlit aesthetics. The result is a stunning masterpiece that speaks to the modern design and brutalist design fan equally.

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