This PlayStation concept lets you switch between games using an integrated CD player!

Concept designs will always fascinate me, I don’t think any concept design is bad because they are all born out of the need to solve a problem – sure some are feasible and some are fantasy, but if we can passionately support Iron Man then we can passionately support design ideas too! On that note, I love this conceptual Playstation design which integrates the functions of a CD player so that you can play multiple games with ease. Simple and effective.

Gaming enthusiasts will always have a large collection of games and most people will alternate between games throughout the day. When you play on Playstation and want to switch to another game, you have to insert another CD and wait for it to load. What this concept design does it combine a CD player with a Playstation so you can change the game CDs like changing tracks in a playlist and you also don’t need to put CDs into individual cases. It reduces the steps in a process which makes gaming a smoother experience and also helps you organize your collection/playing time a little better.

“It has a different appearance from a typical Playstation; it is more angular to be shown as a CD player and I wanted to express its analog sensibility. Unlike the usual method, when you insert a CD, the hidden speaker comes out to make a sound out of the main body. Its back has a simple design to make it easy to change HDD. It is designed to keep dust out of the console while you are changing the CD,” explains Yeo. Personally, I like the console a lot more than the ones that exist – it is less router-box-like and more on the lines of a modern audio setup. The Playstation x CD player is sleek and efficient, it has the potential to be the next big console upgrade ever!

Designer: Jaewon Yeo