This Volkswagen beetle wrapped in matte black is worthy of being Batman’s next ride!

Imagine vigilante Bruce Wayne arriving at a glittering party driving this hot roadster in Gotham City, with those worthy weapon upgrades hidden beneath the hood to take on the bad blood brewing on the streets. A minimalist look that’s fit for the 21st century, and yes, being open roof does help in getting out of the vehicle if need be. Now that we’ve let lose our imagination, let’s get back to reality for a while. This 1961 Volkswagen Beetle deluxe converted into a roadster with a matte black treatment is the work of Danni Koldal, who’s virtually facelifted the vintage four-wheeler into a hotrod that’s not overdone, still maintains its masculine appeal.

The front windshield has been trimmed down to the bare minimum, giving the ride a mean attitude that matches its personality. The black is contrasted by the silver-white trims on the doors, hood, and alloy wheels. Those fat wheels also go with the upper body of the Volkswagen that Danni has managed to turn into hot property – we want to own it right away. The VW beetle has been featured in many films from The Shining to James Bond’s Quantum of Solace, even having its own film series; Herbie, its a testament to the beauty of this iconic car that even today, a modification like this makes us fall in love with it all over again! Interiors carry forward the sleek appeal which shouts out loud for a midnight drive on the freeway.

There’s a lot we would love to know about how this custom job was achieved, and this design leaves us craving for more. Perhaps, that’s what Danni intended – leaving everyone who comes across this roadster, bamboozled to bits!

Designer: Danni Koldal