This Award-Winning Magnetic Modular Lamp System Can Turn Into Three Different Lighting Designs!

The right lighting can make or break any interior space. When considering interior design or even comfort, light fixtures can bring a lot to the table. During the day, floor lamps might feel most appropriate and luminescent, but then come evening time, a desk lamp might offer that more intimate mood lighting that’s better situated atop a desk or wall mount. Depending on your personal preference, SAN, a new modular lamp design, adjusts accordingly.

SAN, 2020’s Asia Design Award-winner, comes in eight parts. Linked with magnets, these parts come together in order to build three different types of lamps: floor, desk, or wall. When all the parts are put together, the fixture comes together as a tall, floor lamp that can either bend or remain upright. By using one less magnetized rod, the pieces can comprise a slim and foldable desk lamp. Using the minimum amount of rods, the fixture can lastly turn into a small lamp that can mount onto any flat surface. SAN operates with an industry-standard USB Type ‘C’ cable, which transmits lots of power for optimal lighting. SAN is definitely user-friendly and easily adjustable as it requires no tools to set up. The construction details are helpfully outlined on the package’s box, in which all eight parts are properly placed and understood. Fitting into the base of the light fixture is a light socket with a magnetic head, which begins the link of magnetized rods.

SAN’s simple design is attractive for industrial or contemporary interior design and easily changeable so that any living space can be turned into one that’s right for you. So, whether a tall, standup light for outfit changes in front of your mirror or a desk lamp for reading come night time is needed, SAN modulates according to your changing needs.

This project is a 2020 Red Dot: Design Concept winner.

Designer: Kinsey Yu and Jonas Ceppa