The Pure Spray

I have seen little redesign in the field of spray bottles in terms of their functionality. Yes, bottles have seen some action but the spray mechanism hasn’t. The Pure Spray Bottle is a refillable spray bottle that challenges the functional design and offers a solution in a very intriguing form. Refinements in form of the innovative lever and flexible plastic in place of mechanical joints, adds to the difference.

  • The white color offers an additional expression that differentiates Pure even further from other brightly colored bottles.
  • The outlet on the bottle rotates to switch between three modes: off, spray, and squirt.
  • The iris of a camera lens inspired the design of the outlet.
  • Pure is refillable and the user can create more cleaning solution using tap water with a system of concentrate pills that are sold separately.
  • The pill is punctured when Pure is closed again.

The Pure Spray Bottle is a 2013 Red Dot Award: Design Concept winner.

Designer: Manuel Perez Prada for Ziba Munich

[youtube: 600 451]