Power Pods for Your Phone!

Charging cables are sooooooo last season! Which is why we love the ORA pod. It’s a cleverly crafted wireless charger that’s designed to go anywhere you go. The pod’s unique twisting action conceals and reveals a standard plug and lightning connector that charge your phone in an elevated position while plugged in, or when you’re out and about and in need of a boost. As cute as it is compact and convenient, it’s a great alternative to the clutter of those messy cables! See it in action —>

Designer: Albert Shane


  • tom says:

    I no way I will charge my iPhone 6 plus upside down …
    The product is made for iPhone as I can see, and not all of these, only the lightest one …
    And what about a socket at 90° ? Can we move something ? the picture didn’t show something about that.

    So, exept removing the cable and creating a lot of other unknow problems, what is the point of this project ??

  • Judge_Adam says:

    Bad idea. I love the idea of having long cables, so i can sit in my chair with my phone and have the charger plugged in about five feet away. Also, vertically suspending any phone is a no-no. No matter how safe it may be, it will always seem risky to the user.
    Just another functionally flawed but aesthetically polished concept.

  • nope says:

    Agree with the guys above me. I don’t want my $500 gadget to be a trapeze artist.

  • Soulman says:

    Concepts that fall short of expectations to such a major extent should be erased from existence. I’ve seen wonderful stuff on this website. But concepts like these are just ridiculous castles in the sky.

  • bo says:

    i dont care. i like it. it looks cool.

  • nope says:

    it looks like a mosquito repellent device. with a phone attached to it.

  • Alina Sweet says:

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  • Tokitoki says:

    ridiculous and ugly. bad design.

  • foya says:

    this design is bad because the charger has a usb data cable also with it which is useful. this doesnt have that.

  • This doesn’t show how it works. If you’re going to feature something like this make sure you explain to people how the product works. A video would be nic

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