This natural eco-friendly deodorant will safely biodegrade with its packaging in 10 weeks

Every aspect of the Wellow deodorant was designed with a cradle-to-grave mindset. Whether it’s the ingredients inside the container, the container itself, or even the information printed on the container with ink… the guys behind the Wellow realize that a product shouldn’t just make its users happy, it should make the planet happy too. Meet Wellow, a solid deodorant made from hand-poured natural ingredients (with zero sulfates, parabens, toxins, or unwanted chemicals), encased in a paper tube made from 95% recycled paper, glued with water-soluble adhesives, and printed with plant-based ink. The fact that it’s a solid deodorant means it also uses 80% less water than liquid deodorants, and lasts much longer too.

Striking a balance between traditional and modern, between self-hygiene and planet-hygiene, the Wellow deodorant bases itself on an au-naturel recipe that uses only nature-based ingredients like shea-butter, coconut oil, beeswax, arrowroot powder, and 6 other environmentally safe ingredients in its deodorant-base. The sticks are safe enough for your skin, providing 24-hours of odor-busting protection, and are safe enough for the soil too (you can quite literally compost the entire Willow in 10 weeks). Willow’s scents include Activate Charcoal, Coconut + Vanilla, Bergamot + Citrus, along with a scent-free option for people with sensitive skin or noses. The entire deo-stick comes packaged in an all-paper tube, made from 95% FSC-certified recycled paper, and lasts through 3 full months of daily use before running out. When it does, feel free to just throw the tube into a compost pit or even in your backyard. Nature will absorb the ingredients and break down the packaging into dirt in just under 70 days.

Designer: Wellow