This folding screwdriver focuses on making the classic tool more portable and usable

The ‘More Uses’ screwdriver approaches simple problems with simple solutions. It’s multipurpose, foldable, and can mount the screw-bits in two separate ways to give you either a traditional experience or a high-torque one. Designed by the students of the Beijing Institute of Technology, the More Uses takes the traditional screwdriver and upgrades its performance and portability.

The driver comes in a metal capsule-shaped container. Open the container and you’ve got two parts on the inside. The base of the stem, and the magnetic screw-bits (in flat-head and Phillips-head variants). The base comes out, and can get attached one of two ways, creating either a linear screwdriver for regular applications, or a T-shaped screwdriver for tighter screws that need more force to remove or insert. When you’re done, the parts fit back inside the slick metal capsule which can easily be placed in your drawers (occupying a fraction of the space of a lengthy screwdriver) or even in your pocket, without worrying about the driver’s sharp tip hurting you or tearing your clothes!

The More Uses Screwdriver is a winner of the K-Design Award for the year 2020.

Designers: Qiu Qi, Yu Hong, Jin Hao, Ma Lyuting, Li Zhengkai