What if the AirPower mat was portable? This portable wireless charger juices all your Apple gadgets


There’s nothing about the Airbox that feels even remotely third-party. Looking at it, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tim Cook announced it at a hardware event and it went live on the Apple Store. Not only does the Airbox fit beautifully into Apple’s ecosystem, it feels like a sensible product that Apple’s users would completely fall in love with. Before I get carried away though, the Airbox by MOMAX is a portable power bank that can wirelessly charge multiple Apple products, along with being able to wire-charge the iPad. It builds on the idea of the AirPower mat, but does a FAR better job.

No larger than a spectacle-case, the Airbox is a slick white device made from the same glossy plastic as the AirPods case. Open it up and the magic inside reveals itself to you. Armed with dedicated areas to charge all your Apple devices (along with an MFi-certification), the Airbox has a neat zone for your AirPods case (compatible with both the AirPods 2 and the AirPods Pro), a fold-out charger for the Apple Watch, even a dedicated slot to store your Apple Pencil, and a large anti-slip zone just to charge your iPhone (or any other Qi-enabled smartphone). A USB-C port on the outside with 20W power-delivery even lets you connect your iPad to the Airbox, practically covering all of Apple’s portable products… while the 10,000 mAh battery inside the Airbox is more than enough to get you through 24 hours with all your products. It even allows the simultaneous charging of up to 4 products, so you’re never out of power.

There’s a reason the Airbox is an important product both to talk about as well as consider owning. It’s only a matter of time before Apple stops shipping charging cables with its devices, and the Airbox offers a one-shoe-fits-all alternative. Designed as a substitute to owning 5 different chargers for 5 different products (and having to deal with that many wires in the process too, the Airbox gives you a slick all-in-one solution instead, allowing you to power up everything from your iPhone to your AirPods (and a nifty place to store your Apple Pencil while you travel too)! When you need the AirBox, just simply flip the cover over and you’ve got yourself an entire charging-station… when you’re done, close the box and slip it right into your backpack, drawer, or even your pocket. I guarantee it won’t clutter your workspace and bag the way multiple chargers do, and that beautiful glossy white aesthetic will fit in remarkably well with Apple’s entire ecosystem of products!

Designer: MOMAX Design

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Airbox: World’s First True Wireless Power Bank For Apple

The Airbox neatly stores and wirelessly charges your favorite Apple devices – Apple Watch, iPhone, AirPods 2/AirPods Pro, and iPad simultaneously with a large capacity 10,000mAh battery that supports 10W wireless charging and 20W PD fast charge.

Your days of tangled wires, mismatched adapters and bulky chargers are over.

The Airbox secures your Apple devices for travel and charging and also holds Apple Pencil in a non-charging area. Frequent flyers will appreciate going through airport security because Airbox is airlines and TSA approved.

Patented Design for Apple Pencil and AirPods Storage

Airbox’s design is an absolute reverse concept in the power bank category. The foldable industrial structure is a groundbreaking idea to outstand from all other ordinary portable power banks and traditional wireless charging station with cables.

AirPods and Apple Pencil are fantastic devices but they are easy to misplace. Airbox solves that problem with a groundbreaking design that keeps them both safely in place. Your AirPods stay charged and ready and Apple Pencil is right where you need it in a special (non-charging) location.

The New iPad 20W PD Fast Charge via Airbox

Airbox is a fast-charge dream that is faster than the Apple Charger, your iPhone can be wirelessly recharged from zero to full charge in just 3 hours. Airbox houses a 10,000mAh super large battery to charge devices at 10W wirelessly and 20W PD output via Type-C port, which means Airbox supports the LATEST iPad (8th Gen) at 20W.

10000mAh Large Capacity with Wireless Recharge

The on-board super capacity 10,000 mAh battery that powers Airbox can perform multiple recharges of your devices. It’s also designed for speed and versatility, and can be recharged in only 5 hours using 10W wireless charging.

Made for Apple MFi & Qi Certified

Airbox is MFi (Made for Apple) and Qi certified. That means that it has passed the rigorous testing required to be certified and approved by Apple to work safely with their devices. Additionally, Airbox has passed CE, RoHS, FCC, CB international certifications for safe use and has multiple protections built-in for Overcharge, Short Circuit, and Over Temperature Protection.

Smart LED Indicators

Right 4 Indicators (White): Battery Level (All lights on for full battery)
Left First Indicator (Green): Type-C Fast Charge Indicator
Left Second Indicator (Orange): AirPods Charging Indicator (Light on when AirPods are charging)
Left Third Indicator (Orange): 10W Wireless Charge Indicator (Light on when charging phone wirelessly)


How to Use

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $159 (38% off). Hurry, only 25/295 left!