An air-purifying mask that looks as cool as a VR headset

Before you dismiss this as weird tech gone too far, here are a few undeniable truths. We’re living in a time where air pollution kills more people each year than smoking… and people are increasingly adopting the use of pollution masks to combat bad air quality as well as restrict the spread of diseases and pathogens.

Debuted at CES2020, the Atmōs face-mask from Aō Air is a wearable that provides 50x better air quality than even the best pollution masks. Rather than just being a HEPA filter that sits loosely in front of your nose and mouth, the Atmōs is a miniature air purifier, with multiple stages of air filtration powered by fans within the device that adapt to your breathing to provide as many as 240 liters of clean air per minute. In short, the faster you breathe, the faster the Atmōs delivers clean air to you. The D’fend air purifying system even targets nanoparticles, trapping dust, pollen, or even very fine ash, giving you air that’s 50 times purer than what you’d get with a cloth mask.

The Atmōs sits lightly on your face, providing clean air without the need to create an air-tight seal around your face. It does so by using a proprietary technology called PositivAir that guides pure air directly to your nose and mouth, while channeling the air you exhale out of the mask. This free-flowing air delivery allows you to breathe easily without fogging up your glasses or the device itself.

The device is aimed at anyone who wants clean air on the go, best suited for medical professionals, first responders, or firefighters, who often need to wear masks to breathe clean air or to keep one’s environment sanitized. The device’s design lets it easily fit on any face (without even spoiling your hair, might I add), thanks to adjustable nose and head pads. The clear window on the front even keeps your face from being hidden, allowing you to easily communicate with expressions, or even POSSIBLY face-unlock your phone while keeping your mask worn at all times!

Designer: Aō Air

How It Works