Have You Met Ollie?

So the holidays are coming up soon and as always you want to stay on the top of your game with gifting. I have a brilliant suggestion on hand, that will give you a head start – Ollie, the next generation app-controlled robot. Flipside, you may want to get this for yourself! Why? Cause nothing is better than tech that is full of awesomeness!

Dedicated to the total adrenaline junkie, Ollie is a robot that rockets around at ‘floor-warping speeds’. Ollie spins, flips, and does all kinds of crazy tricks and due to its tubular design, he can tumble over and keep on rollin’. If you remove the optional tires, you can even do drift racing on smooth surfaces. What I love about it is the perfect blend of good design with technology and fun!


[youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zi-5hbaGmuQ 600 451]

Ollie can spin like a top, do flips and 180’s, and more when you combine gestures using the joystick and trick pad within the app. You can create, master, and share your trick combinations with friends.

Engineered for speed and customizable, you can pump up your ride with different tires and hubcaps available through Sphero’s online store. Conquer any terrain and connect to the next level through Connected Play.

Ollie has the ability to:

  • Race around at unreasonably high speeds (drives up to 14 MPH), and thanks to the tubular design, can do so with complete control and agility.
  • Execute tricks including spin, drift, jump and flip moves.
  • Through apps, provide automatic feedback and points based on the difficulty of the maneuvers and tricks performed.
  • Apps that allow you to program Ollie are also available.


  • Crafted using a durable polycarbonate shell that protects Ollie, allowing it to tumble and keep on rollin’.
  • Ollie has the same familiar Sphero 2.0 glow, but is powered by USB charging.
  • Bluetooth LE also allows for instant connectivity by simply placing your smartphone or tablet next to Ollie.

Designer: Sphero [ Buy it Here ]