This foldable laptop can be carried around like a clutch for the ultimate tech-fashion statement

Gadgets these days are shrinking in size owing to the technological innovations and design implementations that compliment them. There are foldable phones like Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Surface Duo that are radically changing how we perceive our mobile devices to be like. Laptops have also seen this paradigm shift – with young buyers preferring lightweight folding screen products that promise ultra-productivity on the go.

As a refreshing approach to what a laptop could be – designer Heesung Choi from Seoul has come up with the concept idea he calls “Clutop”. A laptop that has a swanky design, since it folds into itself to become a clutch bag for stylish portability. The “normcore” design adaptation means you’ll have a lightweight laptop that matches your fashion quotient. Heesung claims it to be the world’s smallest laptop which is eye-popping in its own rights. Clutop has a screen aspect ratio of 16:9, and when closed, the 1:2 body ratio makes it fairly easy to carry along. Open it up for your tasks and you get a widescreen display that looks beautiful. Then you have the keyboard with a trackpad on one side, and a secondary UI for multitasking, running on top. This UI comes handy for keeping all the widgets and controls for easy access.

The unibody lip that folds up to secure the laptop in closed configuration acts as a smooth palm rest, but it can very well be a monochrome screen to extend the multitasking aspect further. It could even house a slim battery pack to give Clutop some extra juice when the main battery runs out.

The colors proposed for Clutop by the designer are equally upbeat. Urban dwellers will fancy the bold carbon, baby lavender, subtle light grey, and cool green options. The flap can be had in leather or fabric texture depending on the user’s preferences. So, do you think this fashion-forward laptop design should make its way beyond the blueprint stage?

Designer: Heesung Choi