These new Snapchat Goggles use a more classic circular frame with dual camera-lenses

These whimsical pair of spectacles aren’t your average eyesight-correcting instruments. They’re built for a more socially engaging purpose. The Snap Goggles are the spiritual successor to the Snap Spectacles from Snapchat. Designed as a concept by Scandinavian-studio Swift Creatives, the Snap Goggles give the original Spectacles a design refresh, with a more contemporary-yet-funky circular frame, complete with a dual-color palette.

The Snap Goggles come with tinted eyeglasses, but unlike in the original Snap Spectacles, these glasses don’t have the dual-camera lenses cutting into the eyepieces. Instead, the tinted circular eyepieces exist independently, with the two camera lenses resting on the end of the temple-stems. The result is a pair of spectacles that look funky yet contemporary, with the camera lenses being placed slightly further apart, but in a manner that makes much more sense visually.

The AR Goggles operate almost exactly like their predecessors, but come with the ability to view the Snap effects right inside the glasses (instead of on your phone). The eyepieces are, in fact, transparent displays, giving you the ability to see the holographic projections inside the glasses themselves. The glasses power on as soon as the temple stems are opened, allowing contact points on the stem and the frame to connect and boot the spectacles. Obviously, the Snap Goggles are just a fan-made concept for now, but they do paint a pretty great picture of what Snapchat’s vision for AR glasses should be in the future – a pair of chic looking frames built with pretty good cameras, depth-sensing and motion-tracking AI, transparent augmented-reality displays, and a nifty spectacle case to charge your Snap Goggles when you’re not wearing them!

Designer: Swift Creatives Studio