How one company designed the ultimate camera bag for every photographer

Designing a camera bag can often be an extremely challenging task given the demanding and everchanging needs of photographers. Some travel with large lenses, others require dedicated storage for a drone, tripod, external flash, or extra clothes on a lengthy shoot. The issue with (and the challenge behind) designing the perfect camera bag revolves around this uncertainty, the fact that cameras and accessories come in different sizes and shapes, and that every photographer has their own setup.

This lack of a standard set of requirements makes it difficult for any bag to be a jack of all trades, but the OneMo backpack certainly comes excitingly close to being the ultimate photographer’s bag. Designed to be modular, functional, expandable, durable, and versatile, the OneMo has an answer for any sort of scenario. The bag comes with a spacious 25L inner that can be infinitely segregated using modular walls, allowing you to carefully pack and secure your belongings. Whether it’s a camera, a microphone, an expensive lens, or just a pair of clothes, these modular walls flex and bend to form the layout you need, changing every time you change your gear. Modular compartments aside, the OneMo even comes with its own detachable storage unit which transforms into a secondary shoulder bag for stuff like drones, lenses, etc. The shoulder bag fits right into the OneMo, but can be removed and carried separately, or independently too, giving you the flexibility to travel with all your gear or carry just the essentials. Use just the shoulder bag for short-range shots, or the camera backpack + shoulder bag for a long shoot spanning 2-3 days – the OneMo gives you the flexibility you need.

The OneMo backpack comes with three points of entry, allowing you to quickly access parts of the bag based on your need. A zip on the top lets you easily access a jacket or your laptop, while a quick-access entry on the side lets you swiftly grab your camera. The full-access zip runs along the back, allowing you to completely open up your backpack and view all its contents in one go. Zip it open and the OneMo reveals perhaps one of my favorite features… dedicated battery storage. These tiny battery compartments come with their own red-green sliders, allowing you to mark the battery inside as empty (red) or full (green) so you never accidentally pick up a dead battery. A multitude of other pouches (accessible from both the inside and the outside) allow you to store cables, power banks, your phone, or even your cards in their own RFID blocking pocket. There’s a little something for everyone in the OneMo and its accompanying shoulder-bag, even for people who want to carry more than the bag can accommodate.

The OneMo backpack and shoulder bag both come with expandable storage, allowing you to add as many as 10 extra liters to the existing 25L backpack. The expandable storage on the backpack is big enough to fit an entire gimbal, so you don’t need to set it up every time, while the shoulder bag’s expandable storage and dedicated pockets are perfectly sized to fit DJI Mavic combos, including drones, smart remote controller, cables and batteries. Additional straps on the outside let you secure bulkier items like sleeping bags or blankets as well as suspend tripods off the side. The OneMo’s design doesn’t just accommodate all types of gear, it accommodates every sort of lifestyle too. The bag’s outer body is crafted from a special tear-proof and scratch-proof polyester, and padded straps + a ventilated back panel keep you cool and breezy as you carry your gear along with you. If the weather takes a turn for the worse, the bag’s waterproof construction is more than equipped to shake off any droplets that fall on it. For more extreme situations, a hidden rain-cover comes integrated into the bag’s base, allowing you to secure your expensive gear and protect them from the elements. Couple that versatility, modularity, expandability, and durability along with the OneMo’s lifetime warranty and you have a pretty strong contender for the title of the ultimate photographer’s bag!

Designer: Ying Zhang of PGYTECH

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OneMo Backpack

The OneMo is a modular, functional, expandable, durable, and versatile two-in-one bag designed to hold all your creative tools.

Quick Access Entry

Get the item you need in seconds with OneMo backpack quick side opening.

Built-In Pouch Mode

With a separate shoulder strap, the built-in expandable sling bag gives you more choices in how you travel. Leave the bulk at home and take just the essentials.

Dedicated Pockets for Battery

There are three dedicated pockets for your camera batteries with charge level indicator, so you will never grab a dead battery again.

Customizable Compartments

OneMo Backpack is modular because every journey is unique. The team designed different dividers that can be folded to provide limitless customization for your backpack. Using DIY dividers, the main compartment can be arranged in any configuration to fit all your travel needs, even if they change.

5L Expandable Storage on the Back

Compressible storage space in the front of the backpack accommodates photography equipment, such as the Ronin SC, and your daily necessities, such as clothes, sleeping kit, etc.

Stay Dry

Hiking can be sweaty and humid, a soft cushion with mesh design and air tunnels is designed to provide extra comfort and keep your back dry.

Anti-theft Compartment

Zippers are lockable and designed to withstand penetration. The safe pocket for your passport and wallet keeps your valuables where they belong.

Built to Last

OneMo is designed for all-weather conditions, and is made with water-resistant material. It also comes with a built-in rain cover for extreme weather conditions. The polyester fiber material of OneMo Backpack is scratch resistance and tear resistance.

Story Behind OneMo Backpack

Click Here to Buy Now: $199.90. Use Coupon Code: Yankodesign to get $5 off and Free Shipping to USA!