This hybrid smartwatch cocoons a pair of earbuds for double utility geeks always desired

Carrying around gadgets is a normal regime for geeks like me who always have a smartwatch, earbuds and the trusted phone at arm’s length. That said, at times you wish things were more compact or a multipurpose gadget would perform double duty to cut the clutter down. The Huawei Watch Buds are a good example of that niche market space where smartwatches and earbuds are in plenty.

Capitalizing on the inherent human nature of forgetting things, especially buds, the Huawei Watch Buds are a good idea to own. On the same lines, Indian tech startup, WatchOut has released their own iteration of a smartwatch with earbuds concealed on the sides. They are pitching it as the WearPods Smartwatch for Gen-Z who are always open to accepting new ideas and gadgets for an upbeat lifestyle.

Designer: WatchOut

Converging the two gadgets always seemed like a sensible idea to me, since it means you have one less gadget to carry around. Moreover, taking out your earbuds from inside the smartwatch is the stuff of Bond movies, for bragging rights. How well these two separate wearable experiences work is still my quandary as little compromises for both have to be made to fit in such a small size. With a typical smartwatch lasting a couple of days on full charge, and with all the smart features enabled, the battery life on this hybrid smartwatch having a 1.93-inch display is going to be an issue for sure.

Just like the charging case of your earbuds juices up the earbuds for the next session of listening, the smartwatch charges the incubating buds inside. Interestingly, the earbuds are quite compact which results in the compact form factor of the squarish smartwatch. The makers have kept the rugged element alive for this timepiece having a 48.5 mm dial with symmetrical chopped edges. At that size, it might be an odd fit for smaller hands but the compact design should make things accommodating.

Just like other smartwatches out there, IP67-rated WatchOut has a suite of features for customization, health statistics (including heart rate, steps, BP measurement and sleep tracking), and of course, bands to match the look. Coming on to the buds, they have a good balanced audio for music lovers. There’s no mention of ANC or transparency modes in the feature list, so we’ll mark that as a downside. That said the buds will last an impressive 8 hours on a single charge. For approximately $60, this combo of a smartwatch and earbuds is not a bad deal considering a standalone product alone costs around $100-$150 if you are on a budget.