Make The Halo, Bike!

How safe is your bicycle out there in the wilderness? The city is full of bike thieves. Has been since the beginning of bikes. Completely full. So what are you going to do about it? Slap a chain on there? No way! It’ll be chopped off in a moment’s notice! Tie it up with a rope and a dog? No way! They love treats! So what? Call on the power of heaven to help you? Maybe… It’s the “Halo” bicycle lock, for holy protection!

The halo, by definition, is a disk or a loop hanging over the head of a saint or an angel. Something holy that has within it the power of the heavens. So what does that say about the Halo Bike Lock?

It says it WORKS.

The Halo uses a wireless Eye-Fi card that, once activated, sends an alert to your cellphone “the moment your lock is tampered with.” Wowza! Then there’s the shape of course, a ring for ease in application.

Like devine protection.

Designer: Steve Hunt

Halo Bicycle Lock by Steve Hunt