The future of pedicures is at-home, with this solar-powered foot exfoliator

I’d say that selling 70,000 units of a product is a pretty good indication of success and of a design that really doesn’t need much changing, but the guys behind the game-changing PediCurve felt that their hand-held electric foot-exfoliator could be made slightly better. Now built to run on solar power (so that you don’t have to worry about electricity, batteries, or anything energy-related), the PediCurve Solar gives you a gentle-yet-effective, healthy, and hygienic pedicure, powered entirely by renewable energy.

The PediCurve Solar’s waterproof design makes it the most ideal addition to your shower routine. Designed to work on wet skin, the PediCurve’s patented PediGlass discs gently remove any dead skin cells, revealing fresh, glowing skin underneath. Its light exfoliation action emulates the effect of getting a pedicure at the salon, but at home. The Danish-designed device is just a smidge larger than most hand-held scrubbers, and comes outfitted with an internal battery, solar-panels, and interchangeable glass discs made in the Czech Republic from Bohemian Glass, known to be gentle and healthy on the skin (each glass disc additionally comes with a one-year warranty). To ensure your skin remains hydrated after each exfoliation session, the guys behind the PediCurve even developed an Intensive Foot Therapy Crème that keeps your fresh skin moisturized and soft for longer.

Solar panels on the base of the PediCurve Solar help it recharge using natural light. This tiny, yet significant upgrade allows the PediCurve to run on sustainable energy and even helps cut electricity costs. The contours of the PediCurve Solar’s design make it easy to hold in the shower (even with wet hands), and a nifty base allows you to keep the PediCurve on its back as it charges using light from the sun or even lights around the house. Its absence of cables, plugs, and paraphernalia make the PediCurve Solar pretty portable, allowing you to slip it right into your luggage while traveling, giving you a salon-like pedicure experience wherever you go. Cucumber water and Korean magazines sold separately!

Designer: The Curve

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PediCurve Solar – Upgrade Your At-home Pedicure

The PediCurve Solar is a solar-powered electrical pedicure device that removes hard skin and calluses from your feet using the patented PediGlass Discs.

Designed to be a sustainable, eco-friendly solution for at-home pedicures, the PediCurve Solar features solar-powered charging, which means no batteries or wires. Place the solar panels face up either in a sunlit room or under electric light until it’s fully charged.

Patented PediGlass Discs

Their patented PediGlass Discs are made in the Czech Republic from Bohemian Glass. They’re easy to use and healthy for your skin. No rollers or harsh scrubbing devices needed.

Use the rough PediGlass Disc to remove hard skin and calluses from your feet without uncomfortable scrubbing or added heat and friction. Follow with the smooth PediGlass Disc to leave your skin feeling and looking fresh.

Easy to use, slowly move PediCurve Solar across the rough areas of your feet in the tub or shower.

Danish Design

Their beautifully crafted Danish design is sleek, easy to use, and comfortable to work with. PediCurve Solar also easily travels with you wherever, whenever.

Founder & Inventor

Roberto Machuca tells us why he developed the PediCurve Solar.

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