This portable power bank comes with an attached cord to ensure your phone is never at 1% again!

I have the highest phone battery consumption among my friends but I am also that fool who forgets her power bank. If it is my lucky day, I will have my power bank but I will most likely forget the cord. It is a small problem but when your phone is on 1% and you have to do a post…or worse, when your mom calls and it just dies, that is when you wish you had a solution like Peel!

This clever product is a conceptual power bank especially designed for people who forget to bring their cord when they head out. Zheng gives the otherwise dull and boxy power banks a smart, sleek, and refreshing look. Peel has a variety of charging functions integrated into itself and one of the most efficient features is the rewinding cord mechanism. It can hold up to 750mm of wire for charging. The length and clean storage of the wire allows you to adjust it based on your needs and you don’t have to sit right next to a plug point again.

Peel literally radiates warm energy but it does so metaphorically as well through the choice of CMF – the surface of the power supply is made of soft cloth, adding a delicate tactile dimension missing from power banks currently in the market. The rounded corners give it a friendly aesthetic while making it more comfortable to hold. I love the modern look of Peel and the fact that I will never have to search for my cords again or be tethered to the plug point along with my phone. Peel-ease get this into production ASAP!

Designer: Wenjie Zheng