Office Supplies with a Twist

I love a design that not only puts a twist on the unsurprising aesthetic of its predecessors but also adds fun functionality to rid items of their mundane stereotypes. The REconstruction kit of desktop accessories does just that! The concrete (you heard me) stapler, calculator, tape dispenser and pen holder are not just formed from an unconventional material, but present an additional fun function to transform overlooked tasks like stapling and taping from tedious to entertaining.

Stapler- make your mark! The user can choose from a number of facial expression characters to impress on the paper. Together, the impression face mark and staple form a complete face.

Calculator- music you create! This calculator records the order of the buttons the user has pressed. To play, the user simply presses the play button and the calculator will play a song based on the input.

Tape Dispenser- reminding you take a break! The wheel has six symbols representing “break-time” that roll as tape is taken by user. A triangle target points to which kind of a break the user should take.

Pen holder- consisting of two parts, holder and little figure eraser on the top surface, the eraser jumps out randomly when the user puts the pen inside the holder, surprising the user with each jump.

Designer: Sung-Ching Chang