The Skimmer, And Other Instruments of Water-borne Death

If you’ve ever felt your life lacks that certain gut-wrenching fear of imminent impact and death, then have I got a jet ski for you. Starting out half-submerged in water, the Skimmer, using the wing-in-ground effect, achieves enough lift at 60 km/h to break from the water and at 100 km/h reaches an elevation of 1.5 meters above sea level.  At this point the rider shifts weight and uses the handlebars to alternate power to the two motors in order to steer.

Designer: Zapp Design


  • Ground effect machines do work, this one looks a 40% too small in wing area to work and the vector thrurst will NOT work. The reason the vectord thrust will not work, they are too close togeather.

  • Iperpaolo says:

    it’s similar to an Ekranoplano, but pilot it’s in the wrong position, There is no safety o ergonomic, and its legs are behind the motors!
    It could be a good sci-fi concept

  • Savox says:

    Dang, there goes the name I wanted to use for my own water vehicle design.

    It doesn’t look very comfi to ride, but I defenitely like the idea. Looks like a bit like a swallow/bat combination.

  • dave says:

    I suggest the designer look up the word ‘ergonomics,’ read it carefully, and then start over.

  • csven says:

    This version goes back to at least 2005. Why is Yanko showcasing this old version when the designer of this concept updated it a month ago. You can see both this old version, the improved version, and additional critiques here:

  • victor_lekweuwa says:

    4th that. And look up safety too.

  • victor_lekweuwa says:

    4th that. And look up safety too.

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