These kitchen knives let you adjust their center-of-gravity for a uniquely custom chopping experience

Everyone holds their knives slightly differently. There’s an incredible amount of nuance in the way everyone’s wrist moves as they operate knives while chopping, slicing, scouring, or peeling, so the guys at Écriture had a pretty brilliant idea – “What if the knives weight-adjusted based on how you used them?”

It sounds like a bizarre question, but to be honest, it’s all in the physics of knife-work. When you need your wrists to put in the work, a knife with a heavy handle serves best. When you need a knife’s blade to do the work for you, a heavier blade allows for better cutting, so rather than having different knives for different applications, the Ecriture Perfect Knives come with a switch on the handle that lets you shift the knife’s center of gravity. A sliding weight inside the hollow handle allows you to decide the knife’s balancing point, giving you better control based on your technique. The Ecriture Perfect Knives come in a set of 6 exquisitely designed blades for handling a variety of tasks. From mincing to filleting, julienning to slicing, there’s a blade for every occasion, and a patented weight-switching mechanism in each handle for every individual.

The switch on the top of the handle is easily the Ecriture knives’ most exciting feature. Depending on your grip, your force, and your wrist technique, the weighted handle makes knife-work easier. When you’re hacking away at a tough piece of meat, it’s all in the wrist, so a heavier handle really gives you the power you need. When you’re finely dicing something, it’s all in the way the blade rocks back and forth, so having a CG that’s closer to the blade allows you to achieve that rocking action to finely mince or dice something. One mode gives you power, another gives you precision. If you need a little bit of both, just position the switch in the middle for a perfectly balanced cutting experience!

The unique feature aside, the Ecriture Perfect Knives really have ‘an edge’ over other knives because of just how well they’re built. Created from industry-leading AUS-10 Japanese steel, the knives feature full-tang blades that make them much easier to use and more robust and durable too. The blades come with a ridiculously sharp 15° edge achieved by computer-aided sharpening, and are hard enough to last forever. In fact, each knife comes with its own lifetime warranty! The handles are tapered for ergonomic gripping and are covered with a soft-touch, anti-bacterial material that’s safe and easy to hold. The knife set comes with six blade-styles – a serrated bread knife, slicing knife, paring knife, utility knife, the iconic santoku knife, and the classic chef’s knife, and an aesthetic magnetic knife-block to allow you to display them. Beautifully crafted to last a lifetime, and with a fair bit of weight-shifting innovation that allows you to customize your cutting experience, the Ecriture Perfect Knives have even gained praise from Michelin Star chefs like Robin Faye of Akrame. Talk about being ‘a cut above the rest’!

Designer: Pierre Regnault

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Ecriture Perfect Knives – Engineered for Perfection

Ecriture Perfect Knives are designed to adapt to every grip and every level of expertise.

With a simple slide control, you can change the center of gravity on these weighted, ergonomic knives giving you the highest level of control, precision, and accuracy while chopping, dicing, slicing, cutting, and even disjointing.

The Blade

Most chef’s knives are honed to about 20 degrees. Écriture Perfect Knives use high-carbon Japanese AUS10 steel and finish each blade by hand to a super sharp 15 degrees to handle anything and everything in your kitchen.

Patented SwingTech

Achieve perfect balance with their patented SwingTech technology to instantly change the center of gravity to adapt to anything. Perfect for all uses with unprecedented control and accuracy. Easily adjust the balance back for more power and forward for precision cuts.

Ergonomic Handles

Écriture knife handles are inspired by badminton handles to give you total control. The thinner base is comfortable to hold and the wide top gives you ultimate precision. All of their ergonomic handles are made with soft-touch antibacterial materials to keep you safe and healthy.

For Any Food

With professional-grade Écriture Perfect knives, you will no longer need to waste time and money buying different knives for every need. You get every tool for any possibility in the kitchen.

Extremely Sharp

Écriture uses robotics and technology to ensure dramatically sharp blades to cut, slice, and chop through any food with ease and precision.

The Knives

Slicing Knife – 7.8″ / 20 cm

Bread Knife -7.8″ / 20 cm

Chef Knife – 7.5″ / 19 cm

Santoku Knife – 6.0″ / 15 cm

Utiliy Knife – 5.3″ / 13.5 cm

Paring Knife – 4.1″ / 10.5 cm

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