This innovative self-brushing toothbrush flawlessly cleans your teeth in 30 seconds

Before you wonder whether I’m an absolute moron or a sheer genius, pause to consider the question I’m about to ask. Why is it that earphones/earpieces are shaped to fit snugly into the ear and spectacles are designed around the shape of our face and eyes, but the toothbrush, a device we use multiple times in a day, isn’t shaped or designed as something that’s, for the lack of a better term, mouth-specific?

I don’t have an answer to the question I just asked, but it seems like the guys behind the CleanFreak have similar thoughts too. Designed as a more ergonomic, efficient, and hygienic alternative to the basic toothbrush, CleanFreak is a more organically designed electric toothbrush that fits perfectly in any jaw, and gives each individual tooth undivided, complete attention. With multiple bristles strategically positioned to clean teeth as well as massage gums, CleanFreak takes the guess-work out of brushing. Designed to autonomously give each tooth a customary number of scrubs with its well-positioned bristles, CleanFreak makes sure no tooth is left out. Longer bristles help scrub the teeth in front, while shorter ones take care of the molars, effectively also distributing pressure in ways that give each tooth the specialized care it needs. In just 30 seconds, the CleanFreak covers the entire jaw, so that not only do you get the oral care you need, you also have more free time on your hands, and one less thing to worry about.

The CleanFreak comes with a uniquely curved mouthpiece made from medical-grade silicone that flexes to adjust to each jaw-shape. Nylon bristles mounted on the mouthpiece help efficiently and carefully scrub your teeth from the left to the right, following an autonomous routine. Divided into two 15-second cycles for your lower and upper jaw, this quick routine just takes 3 dabs of toothpaste and an overall of 30 seconds. The ergonomic electric toothbrush runs on a battery that works for 25 cycles per charge (that’s nearly two weeks of use if you brush day and night), and each CleanFreak comes with a wireless charging dock that also houses extra replaceable curved brush-heads. CleanFreak’s ability to address the question as to why regular brushes aren’t mouth-shaped is just a part of what makes it such an innovative product. The fact that it provides a universally comfortable, autonomous, and precise brushing experience (that’s gained a lot of praise from dentists) is what truly sets it aside… and here’s the best part – it’s electric, so you don’t even have to do anything!

Designer: Raz Omer of DentFreak

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CleanFreak – Cleans Your Teeth Better Than You Can

The CleanFreak is an automatic toothbrush that cleans your teeth without you having to move your hand.

No Tooth Left Behind

In CleanFreak’s design, the bristles that face the front teeth are longer so they can reach the gums, and the bristles that tend to the molars are shorter, in order to hug the whole tooth. Which means, each tooth gets exactly the care and attention it needs.

Eliminates Plaque

In studies they’ve conducted, CleanFreak has proven to remove more than 93% of plaque. The average user removes only 42% of plaque while brushing. Plaque can cause cavities, bad breath, gum diseases etc. hence you need to clean your teeth thoroughly.

Optimal Pressure

The mouthpiece is made of flexible, medical-grade silicon with nylon bristles that hug your teeth with optimal pressure and prevent you from brushing too aggressively. Precision is key.

Comfortable to Use

With zero hand movement required, minimal mouth opening and a flexible mouthpiece, you’ll get maximum comfort with each brushing experience.

Perfectly Adjustable

CleanFreak’s mouthpiece covers only a portion of the jaw, and then moves side to side. Pair its optimal dimensions with the flexible silicon material, and CleanFreak easily adjusts to any jaw size.

Comes in 2 Sizes

If you have 14 teeth in the lower jaw then the Medium is for you. If you have 16 teeth, then Large is for you.

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $199 (50%off). Hurry, for a limited time only! Raised over $165,000.