Washing Machine Goes Wall Mount

As promised, I’m here with the details on the Dismount Washer. It’s a concept that looks at space saving and hygiene at one go. The way it works is like this, you have your own personal tub for your laundry that can be mounted on an “energy stick”. Using high-pressure steam as its source for cleaning, the washers does its job, and gives a fresh batch of washed clothes. A touchscreen display is integrated for easy navigation and menus. Ideal setup for those who prefer using Laundromats or don’t have space for a washing machine at home.

Dismount Washer is one of the Finalist 8 for the Electrolux Design Lab Competition. Check out their video highlighting the Top 8 at the end of the post.

Designer: Lichen Guo

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXX0tgYKOG0 605 445]