World’s only cycle that comes with an inflatable paddleboard is the ultimate summer essential!

Walk on water? Cool. Bike on water? VERY COOL! This is the world’s only cycle that comes with an inflatable paddleboard for you easily transition between land and water. A collaboration between Red Shark Bikes and Hammacher Schlemmer, this inflatable stand-up paddleboard is perfect for a beach or a lake day.

This dream combination of biking and paddleboarding doesn’t require manual rowing, you just have to use the included pedals to move forward. It was designed to include a built-in bicycle gearing system that provides propulsion. Unlike traditional paddleboards, this one can accommodate the rider as well as two additional people – I bet Rose from Titanic could learn a lesson on maximizing the available space from this. Crafted from high-density polyethylene, this paddleboard uses a double layer of PVC which makes it durable. As an added measure, the PVC is topped with an EVA traction pad that provides sure footing. “As a result, it won’t easily break, and it can hold more weight than traditional paddleboards. Consequently, it’s reliable and long-lasting for plenty of trips to the beach,” says the team. An aluminum-frame cycle sits atop the board, providing a rider with a comfortable gel saddle on an adjustable seat post while keeping it lightweight so it continues to do its job and float! The board measures 56″ L x 39 1/2″ W x 6″ H and weighs 99.25 lbs.

Its crank is connected to two propellers that are mounted beneath the board while the adjustable handlebars control a rudder in the board’s stern. There is also a static (removable) fin beneath the board that provides straight tracking. You can inflate the paddleboard with the hand-operated air pump that comes in the package. You also get a water bottle holder, 0.5-liter bottle, 13-function multitool, and repair kit so all your paddling bases are covered! To make it portable and convenient to carry around there are four carry handles and eight D rings – these also keep it stationary in cars. This is the ultimate summer essential!

Designer: Hammacher Schlemmer

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