When Is A Suitcase Not A Suitcase?

The whole world is your sweet, sweet home! We love traveling! And we really know what it means when you have to spend 10 or 15 hours waiting on uncomfortable seats at the airport lounges, not being able to spread yourself comfortably on a sofa, and forget about that beloved rocking chair or comfy slippers you are used to enjoy at home so much. Being a passenger is a challenge. The Our Home Comforts on the Go Furniture collection includes transforming suitcases designed to recreate a feeling of home for any traveler anywhere. All these are created for travelers who always want to take their home along: Suitcase-Turn-Chair, Suitcase-Turn-Bookcase and Suitcase-Turn-Lamp. It’s for travelers who simply cannot afford not to indulge their habits and whims.

Designer: Igor Gurovich, Anna Naumova & Eric Belooussov

Igor Gurovich, Anna Naumova, Eric Belooussov