This UV-Sanitizer hub kills any germs lingering on your toothbrush in just 30 seconds

Just 30 seconds of exposure to UV light can practically kill any bacteria or virus that may be lurking around between the bristles of your toothbrush. The Oclean Bloom Slim was designed to help sanitize the one product that’s responsible for your daily oral wellbeing – the toothbrush. Given that it’s something that just lies around in the open all day and just gets rinsed before entering your mouth, the Bloom Slim helps quickly and effectively sterilize your toothbrush before (and even after) use.

Designed as a quick sanitation-station for your brushes, the Bloom Slim has two zones, an active ultraviolet zone that blasts your bristles with UV-C light to kill microorganisms, and a regular storage zone for keeping your toothbrushes at other times. Just before brushing, take your brush from the storage zone and place it in the UV-C zone for roughly a minute… then rinse, paste-up, and begin your brushing routine. The wall-mounted Bloom Slim works as a neat brush-holder too, holding as many as 5 brushes, while being able to actively sanitize 3 at a time (thanks to a pull-down switch) that helps activate the UV light whenever you need.

Designers: Eric Hu and Max Song