How to Decorate Outdoor Spaces and Light Up Your Summer Nights with Govee Outdoor Light Collection

Summer naturally evokes images of beaches, pool parties, barbecues, camping, and other outdoor activities, most of them done under the watchful eye of the Day Star. Of course, that’s not the only way to enjoy the newfound free time that summer breaks and vacations bring, especially when you want to escape from stuffy indoor spaces and revel in the cooler evening air outdoors. Sometimes, those nights are just as alive as the daytime, at least if they’re properly illuminated with the right kinds of lights that bring out the right moods. You don’t need an elaborate or expensive setup to have the perfect summer night time atmosphere. You just need to be smarter about how you decorate your outdoor space, especially when it comes to lighting. To help simplify that process, here are five ways you can brighten up your summer nights, courtesy of Govee’s newest selection of smart outdoor lighting made to meet every need and occasion.

Designer: Govee

Light Up the Whole House with Govee Permanent Outdoor Lights

Who says you need to wait for Christmas to bathe your house in a colorful hue? Whether you’re setting the mood for a party with splashes of color or making sure your property is safely and properly illuminated at night, these Permanent Outdoor Lights deliver a hassle-free and worry-free way to bring your house to life. Govee is the first in the market to bring self-installation for permanent outdoor lights, and this seamless self-installation process means you won’t need costly assistance just to put up the lights. The lights can withstand weather conditions of -4°F to 140°F temperatures as well as downpours, ensuring you’ll be able to enjoy reliable and beautiful lighting all year round.

Like any of Govee’s products, these Permanent Outdoor Lights offer plenty of customization, including over 70 scene modes and 16 million colors. All that power is available right under your fingertips with the Govee app or through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Of course, you don’t have to manage all the settings yourself and let the smart apps schedule when the lights turn on or off, or how to mix and match colors depending on the music or scene, in harmony with other Govee smart lighting you might also have installed. The Govee Permanent Outdoor Lights bring a balanced and general-purpose outdoor lighting solution that never loses its appeal, no matter the season.

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Make Paths and Decorations Pop with Govee Outdoor Neon Rope Lights

For really dramatic lighting effects, nothing beats illuminating the edges of objects and even pathways, creating a kaleidoscopic scene that is nearly impossible to pull off during the day, at least not without super-powerful and super-expensive lights. The Govee Outdoor Neon Rope Lights, however, make such a striking visual effect not only accessible but also easy. The rope light can be bent and curved to follow the contours of pathways, arches, and other objects. Or you can make your own piece of lighting art with the rope light acting as your pen.

A thick silicone case gives the lights IP67 dust and water resistance, allowing it to shrug off the train like nothing. A specialized chip enables a 15-segment rainbow effect, with no visible granules to break the illusion of a continuous path of colorful light. Of course, the lights can be controlled through the Govee app or smart assistants, but it also comes with 11 music recognition effects and more than 64 scene lighting effects to make customizing the light show even easier. With nothing more than colorful outlines, the Govee Outdoor Neon Rope Lights really bring your outdoor spaces to life, making you want to spend every night basking in their delightful glow.

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Highlight Special Areas or Objects with Govee Outdoor Spotlights

If the Govee Permanent Outdoor Lights paint your house with broad strokes of illumination, these equally capable and beautiful Outdoor Spotlights guide your visitors’ eyes to what you want them to see. It might be your patio, an ornate piece of decoration, or even a stage for your poolside party. Whatever it may be, these Outdoor Spotlights will create the perfect setup to draw their attention without blinding people, thanks to the lamps’ soft and graceful glow. The light is projected at an angle of about 50 degrees and can reach a distance of over 2 meters while remaining low-voltage to minimize energy consumption and heat.

As outdoor lighting, these Govee spotlights are made to weather all weather conditions, with a die-cast aluminum body and IP65 dust and water resistance rating that ensures they’ll survive heavy rains. As smart lights, they can also easily be controlled through the Govee Home app or through voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Want the spotlights to dance to the music? The cool music mode lets 16 million colors sync to the beat. Whether setting up the ambiance or getting the party rolling, the Govee Outdoor Spotlights put the focus where you want it, in color and in style.

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Increase Safety and Beauty with Govee Outdoor Pathway Lights

A dark pathway is an accident waiting to happen and a security risk, but it can also be an opportunity to create a more meaningful entry and exit for visitors as well as for yourself. Govee’s Outdoor Pathway Lights don’t just provide much-needed illumination, they also envelope your surroundings with a welcoming atmosphere, courtesy of the colors of your choosing. The pathway lights are made from durable aluminum with a lacquered finish, and their minimalist cylindrical body gives them a classic aesthetic that will blend with any kind of landscape. With an IP65 rating, you can be confident in using them under any weather.

Of course, these Outdoor Pathway Lights can also be used to liven up your garden parties, with 16 million colors at your disposal and an endless amount of customization available, whether manually or automatically through routines, music modes, and scenes. Make your surroundings safer and more secure, while also giving them a bit of personality with Govee’s Outdoor Pathway Lights.

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Go Old-School with Govee Outdoor String Lights H1

Sometimes the best solution is the simplest one. While there are plenty of lighting options for different needs and situations, one of the simplest yet most flexible solutions is a string of lights. The Govee Outdoor String Lights H1 takes that design up a notch with bright and colorful lighting that brings any outdoor event to life. An innovative installation method that features integrated buckles provides stability and reliability while giving you the flexibility to hang the lights where you need and want them. String them under the patio roof, hang them across the yard, or have them run down posts with no problem at all.

The Outdoor String Lights H1 also outdo typical string lights with brighter and smoother bulbs with plenty of smarts. A two-layer design lets you change the colors one bulb at a time, though you can also let them just dance to the music or adjust automatically to different scenes. When your setup requires a bit more flexibility and creativity, the Govee Outdoor String Lights H1 has you covered, no matter the occasion or weather.

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Govee’s new collection of Outdoor Lighting all feature RGBIC, the brand’s latest light-displaying tech featuring an integrated chip (IC) that enables a single strip of light to support 16 million color variations. All of them can also be easily controlled through the Govee Home app or through smart assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, opening the doors to convenient automation of repetitive tasks, like turning the lights on or off at the right time. Whether you’re throwing an outdoor party or simply setting up a relaxing mood for reading on the patio, the new Govee smart outdoor lights will turn your summer nights into unique and unforgettable experiences you will treasure all year round.

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