Take your love for fly-fishing anywhere you go with this portable Japanese Tenkara fly fishing rod


Tenkara, a Japanese method of fly fishing, borders on pure artistry with simple gear. You don’t need to reel and a lot of line out catch fish, Tenkara removes those from the fly fishing equation. All you need is a great long rod, a short light line, and you can present your fly in a natural drift to the fish that is sometimes hard to do with other gear.

A good rod makes Tenkara fly fishing easy and it is incredible amounts of fun. Crafted with the precise amounts of flex, Tenkara rods make casting exceptionally light lines very easy for better presentation. The long length allows you to guide fish and bring them in without all the extra line.

Designed to make fly-fishing more versatile for both novices as well as experts, the MUTANT Tenkara Fly Rod comes with a 3-in-1 design that uses a telescopic mechanism to change sizes. Built on the feedback from a dedicated Tenkara community, the MUTANT Tenkara Fly Rod comes adjustable in three sizes that make it ideal for any sort of light level line casting. The rod also completely telescopes down to 25.5 inches to fit into the hard-case that comes along with it, allowing you to easily carry it along with you on outdoor adventures.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, the MUTANT Tenkara Fly Rod allows you to fly-fish with ease. Its deep rod flex action allows it to distribute pressure evenly throughout the entire rod when fighting fish, while excellent tip-dampening allows you to precisely cast your line without any oscillation. The rod even comes highly recommended by experienced Tenkara anglers who have tested it out.

Made from lightweight yet incredibly resilient IM10 carbon fiber, the collapsible, portable Tenkara fishing rod is a pretty handy option for backpackers, bike packers, and many outdoor enthusiasts. The 3-length settings, that can be adjusted in a matter of mere seconds, allow you to have the right length of rod for wherever your adventure takes you.

The MUTANT Tenkara Fly Rod comes with a rod sock and hard case to make transporting it easier. The optional starter kit also includes a spool of DRAGONtail Level Line, 2 line holders, 3 Tenkara flies, and a spool of tippet. Designed for experienced as well as the novice user, the MUTANT Tenkara Fly Rod capitalizes on an incredibly engaging, fun, and rapidly growing trend in modern Tenkara fishing, that’s built on centuries of ancient Japanese tradition and culture!

Designer: Brent Auger of DRAGONtail Tenkara

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MUTANT Tenkara Fly Rod: 3-Lengths, Full-Flex, & Soft Action

The zoom sections of the MUTANT lock to give you 3 adjustable lengths, 380cm (12.5ft), 350cm (11.5ft), and 315cm (10.3ft) in one rod (sometimes called a triple zoom rod) so you can use the same rod for all the different conditions you run into on the water.

Zoom Lengths Diagram

Whether you want long reach, a medium casting length, or need to shorten things up around over hanging trees the MUTANT has you covered with just the zoom of a rod section (or two) mutating into the rod length needed.

Features & Performance Overview

Excellently balanced tip-weight in every length, feels very light in hand when casting and fishing.

Deep rod flex action allows the rod to distribute pressure evenly throughout the entire rod when fighting fish. This deep rod flex also makes for a smooth casting action with little effort to cast light level lines.

Excellent tip dampening so you have very little (IF ANY) oscillation while casting giving you very precise accurate casts with great presentation, even with very light level lines.

This rod is designed for targeting small to medium sized trout on light lines in creeks, streams, or small rivers. That does not mean you can’t use outside of those parameters if you so desire, have fun doing what you like. Although if you want to target big fish then this is probably not the tenkara rod for you.

Check out Tristen’s video review above of the Mutant prototype and Tom Davis (a highly trusted name in Tenkara) when he tested the Mutant here.

New to Tenkara: Why a Tenkara Rod?

Ultra Compact – Tenkara rods telescope out and in so you can have a fly fishing rod that is over 12ft long collapsed down to 2ft and all self contain within its self with very little weight and very little size. No reel is needed and very minimal gear is required: rod, flies, line, and tippet. This makes it perfect for backpackers, day hikers, back country biking, keeping in the car, or anywhere adventure takes you.

Simple To Start – Although there are many Tenkara fishing techniques that you can spend years learning and perfecting, it is easy to get started with the basics and start catching fish. The basic casting motion is simple, the gear is simple, and setup is very quick (see our setup videos). The light line and long rod make for great presentation of your fly as you can keep your line out of the currents so your fly makes a natural drift with very little effort, making your fly more desirable to fish with very little experience on your part.

It’s Fun As Hell – You would be surprise how much you will enjoy this simple form of fly fishing. We get messages all the time telling us “I have been fishing (or fly fishing) for 20-30 years and I just fell in love with fishing all over again using your Tenkara rods”.

How to Use a Multi-length Zoom Tenkara Rod

Click Here to Buy Now: $109 $160 ($51 off). Hurry, only 138/150 left.