This rereleased iconic Danish chair is built using recycled plastic and coffee bean shells

We often underestimate the importance of a great chair! When in reality we really shouldn’t. We spend the majority of our day sitting on chairs, whether we’re working in our home office, enjoying a meal, or simply sitting and reading a book for leisure! Hence, this piece of furniture needs to be not only comfortable but ergonomic, and aesthetic as well, and if it manages to be sustainable as well, then it really hits the spot! And one such chair design that I recently came across is the Conscious Chair by Mater Design.

Designer: Mater Design

Copenhagen-based furniture brand Mater Design recently re-rereleased a popular chair from the 1950s called the Conscious Chair. Now, why is the Conscious Chair called so? The Conscious Chair is called the Conscious Chair because it is crafted using recycled plastic, combined with coffee bean shells and sawdust. The chair was originally designed by Danish furniture designers and architects Børge Mogensen and Esben Klint in 1958. The chair is characterized by a simple silhouette and a curved wooden seat.

Matek Design took this classic chair and modernized it by crafting the back and seat from Matek – a material made by Mater Design using post-consumer or post-industrial waste. “Coffee bean shells, extracted during the roasting process, are an example of fiber material – sawdust from wood production is another,” said Mater Design. “The binder material is made from plastic waste or a plastic-based alternative. ”

“[Matek] enables us to make furniture from waste materials by combining fiber with a binder,” said the company. “The technology behind Matek allows us to capture carbon in our furniture by recycling waste into timeless classics using resources already available to us, instead of virgin materials.” This helps to create chairs that have been made using both wooden and recycled composite material elements. The Conscious Chair is available with oak-wood frames in color options of green, black-stained, or natural finishes. The seat and back come in options of wood waste grey, coffee waste light, and black. So, you can pick the color theme that suits your personal taste and preference, as well as the interiors of your home.