An Avant-Garde Wall Organizer


Many people love an organized desk or workspace but unfortunately, I’m not one of them, however this doesn’t stop me from wanting this wall organizer! With a design that is a tribute to the underappreciated Russian avant-garde architecture, the unique styling and use of transparent acrylic glass certainly makes for a lovely feature in the room.

The wall organizer is composed of nine functional elements such as a section for loose pens, a business card holder and a magnetic holder for pictures. However, the modular design gives the user flexibility to choose what they would like theirs to feature, enabling it to work in a range of environments and cater to a variety of needs.

A feature which isn’t often present in wall organizers, but is certainly a welcomed addition, is a bulb to hold a flower. This adds an element of life into the design and enhances the presence of the product even further.

Designers: Sasha Braulov & Nasya Kopteva of 52 Factory

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