This flatbed laser engraver lets you creatively customize any of your products in mere seconds

Building on the success of the original portable laser-engraver Cubiio (which secured over $1.3 million in funding on Kickstarter in the fall of 2017), the Cubiio 2 is a slim, flatbed laser-engraver/cutter with a resolution of 500 DPI, autofocus, and the ability to preview your print/patterns before you execute them.

The Cubiio 2 comes with a compact design that’s almost reminiscent of a flatbed scanner. With a tinted glass hood covering the engraving area, the Cubiio 2 is incredibly easy to use. Just lift the lid, place the object you want to engrave on, or cut into and take a picture using the Cubiio app. The app then lets you accurately position your artwork on the product of your choice, following which all you need to do is approve of the placement and close the lid, allowing the Cubiio 2 to get to work. The Cubiio 2’s laser automatically focuses on its subject, and can handle materials like aluminum, stainless steel, wood, glass, acrylic, paper, cork, leather, and even cement.

The Cubiio 2 works as an efficient laser-cutter and engraver that’s safe for even kids to use – all the action happens behind the tinted glass lid. You can customize existing products by adding logos, messages, or even artwork to it in the form of engravings, or make your own line of items from scratch using the laser-cutting tool, creating a variety of laser-cut designs and products.

With its slim, scanner-ish design, easy to use UX, and versatile build, the Cubiio 2 promises to make laser-engraving/cutting as ‘easy’ as laserjet printing. The Cubiio 2 comes in two sizes, a regular that handles jobs of 11.8″ x 8.6″, and a Plus size that handles larger jobs of 16.5″ x 11.8″. The device comes along with Cubiio 2’s app, and works entirely over WiFi, supporting a wide variety of image and vector formats. You can even choose the laser cartridge you want fitted into your Cubiio 2 – a 3.5W laser offers basic functionality, while a higher intensity 5W laser allows you to work with more unusual materials including stainless steel, aluminum, ceramics, and even cement/concrete. Whether it’s building products like laser-cut cards, toys, or prototypes or customizing items with your own designs (like monogramming pens, etching photos into wood or acrylic, or adding your logo to leather products, the Cubiio 2 aims at making the process of cutting and engraving incredibly precise – with its 500dpi resolution, incredibly safe – with its enclosed design, password lock feature, and auto-shutdown feature, and incredibly accessible, thanks to its sleek, compact design!

Designer: Cubiio

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Cubiio 2 – Laser Cutter & Metal Engraver with Autofocus

In 2017, their first project, the Cubiio 1 was the most funded fabrication tool ever on Kickstarter. Now they are back with the 2nd generation – more powerful, much faster, yet still sporting a refined look with a compact footprint.

At 2.5″ slim, with a diagonal of 25″ and a weight of 13 lbs, the Cubiio 2 features a workspace bigger than a standard Letter or A4 size paper, offering you plenty of room to flex your creative muscle.

Metal Engraving

Eiffel Tower on iPad. Anodized Aluminum / 10 min

Thanks to the latest advances in semiconductor laser technology, their laser cartridge works on stainless steel directly, without pre-coating spray. Cubiio 2 can engrave on titanium, dark glass, shale, brick, concrete, most varieties of colored anodized aluminum, and other materials. It even works on curved surfaces, like wine bottles.

What Can Be Cut?

Cubiio 2 can cut through paper, wood, leather, fabric, felt, cardboard, non-transparent acrylic, and many other materials. If the work material is too thick for a single pass to cut through, Cubiio 2 will continue to focus downward into the material for subsequent passes. The maximum cutting thickness is 5 mm.

Excellent Resolution

Cubiio 2 outputs at a resolution of 500 DPI or 0.05 mm. That’s even thinner than your hair! In contrast to PWM control, our “realtime analog control” of laser power produces a wide range of gray tones. With Cubiio 2, your laser portrait is not only black and white.


Thanks to LiDAR, some high-end smartphones are now equipped with 3D cameras. LiDAR calculates distances by emitting infrared light to a target and measuring the time it takes for the reflection to bounce back. Cubiio 2 employs LiDAR technology to focus the laser beam on the target’s surface automatically and precisely.


Put an object in the machine and take a top view picture with the Cubiio App. Don’t worry about getting it perfect because the App will compensate for the angle deviation. Scale, rotate, position your art work, and go. What you see is what you get!

Easy to Use

Cubiio 2 is easy to use thanks to features like autofocus, preview, Wi-Fi remote control, OTA firmware update, cross-format compatibility, alignment-free optics, and embedded fume filter. The App is user-friendly and intuitive. It is developed by programmers led by Mr. Michael Pan, an Apple Certified Trainer.

Cubiio Club

Hundreds of amazing projects are ready to use in the cloud database (Cubiio Club). Browse, download one, and laser it immediately. Even a beginner can achieve amazing results. Cubiio Team has hired professional designers to enrich the database regularly. Users are also welcome to upload and share their projects with the community.

Community Sharing

More than 5k Cubiio owners have joined the “Quser group”, where they share useful tips and thousands of beautiful pictures. If you have questions, seasoned enthusiasts from all over the world would love to help you.


Cubiio 2 is a Class 1 laser product – naked-eye safe under all conditions of normal use. The complete enclosure prevents the laser from leaking. Lifting the lid stops the laser immediately. Cubiio 2 is equipped with an attenuator, digital lock, thermometer, accelerometer, beeper, emission indicator, and emergency stop switch.

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