Innovative, super fast and portable SSDs that are a worthy solution to your cloud-storage problems!

SSDs are pretty much becoming the future of storage! SSDs have shoved flash drives, thumb drives, clunky hard disks, and even expensive cloud storage into near extinction. An SSD provides everything they did, except it’s impressively faster, more compact, and convenient, and promises larger capacities. However, a typical SSD design doesn’t raise many eyebrows anymore, hence they’re getting more innovative, unique, and efficient by the day! From the world’s fastest external SSD that can transfer 4k movies in seconds to an SSD that uses fingerprint + face recognition to protect your data – we’ve curated a whole collection of groundbreaking and impressive SSD designs for you!

Compatible with most USB-C devices, the HybridDrive offsets your need for multiple hubs, dongles, and drives. With a multiport on one end, and an SSD on another, and a USB-C interface connecting the two, the HybridDrive bridges the gap between your portable devices (laptop/tablet/phone) and your desktop – in the sense that it gives you extra ports and expandable storage… something most desktops have in common. The multiport setup comprises a 4K 60Hz HDMI port, two USB-A ports with 10Gbps data transfer, a MicroSD card reader, an SD card reader, and a USB-C which supports 100W of power output along with high-speed video and data transferring. On the other end of the HybridDrive is an SSD that comes in 4 sizes, starting from 128Gb and going all the up to a whopping 2Tb.

Designed to be as compact as a pen-drive, with the capacity of a cloud-storage service, and without those nagging subscription costs, the ECLLPSE is a ridiculously small, universally compatible SSD with a robust outer construction that can go wherever you go. The SSD sits within rugged, IP67 water and dust resistant enclosure that’s roughly the size of your thumb, boasting storage as high as 2 terabytes fitting right within the palm of your hand. A USB-C interface allows the ECLLPSE to work with a wide variety of devices (there’s even a USB-A dongle for broader compatibility), ranging from mobiles to computers and even specialized gear like gaming consoles, cameras, and high-end recording equipment. Support for WTG (Windows to Go) even allows you to install operating systems on your ECLLPSE, letting you carry your own computer right in your pocket.

We’ve featured external SSDs on this website before, but the Cléxi is something completely new. Perhaps one of the first SSDs to take encryption and security incredibly seriously, Cléxi uses a 2-factor authentication system to grant you access to the drive’s data. Once enabled, the security measures require two steps to let you access your files. First, you need to tap your phone on the Cléxi, which then sends a prompt to your phone to scan your face. Once the Cléxi knows it’s you accessing your files, it automatically unlocks for you, protecting your data from being accessed or copied by anyone… and that’s just the first step in Cléxi’s multi-pronged approach to protect your files.

Quite like the SSDs we’ve spoken about here before, the Rapid SSD puts up to 2 terabytes worth of storage right in your pocket. It’s about the size and shape of a pack of chewing gum, but takes care of virtually all your storage needs. It also has 3 different ports that let you connect to virtually every device you own, from your smartphone to laptop, and from your tablet to your DSLR… and even your gaming console! The Rapid SSD sports a USB-A on the front, which pops open to reveal a USB-C behind it, as well as a fold-out lightning connector on the reverse end, so it’s perfect for both Android phones and iPhones, allowing you to store all your camera-roll images without worrying about shelling out money to Google or Apple.

The skyBOX is the second most powerful piece of tech you can fit into your pocket, after your smartphone. Designed to be the same dimension as a stack of credit cards, the skybox gives you the power of having your own Wi-Fi enabled cloud server in your pocket. It’s made to be universally compatible, working with any device that supports Wi-Fi connectivity, and comes with up to 4 terabytes of permanent storage. That’s enough to back up 50 smartphones, store millions of photos from your DSLR, or remotely host your own media server with over 5000 movies to choose from. Moreover, the skyBOX is wireless and portable, so you can carry it around in your pocket, accessing data no matter where you are.

The Braun MP01 concept addresses the issue of the diminishing number of connection ports that are found on new laptops; the dongle brings all of these missing ports into one compact device, and with a design style like this one, it’s not something you’ll complain about. The device features an asymmetrical design where an angular edge gently flows into a soft curve. Unnecessary detailing isn’t present on the device, instead, it carries a clean aesthetic with minimal interruptions in the casing. The large glass cover not only looks the part but also hints at MP01’s secondary feature… an external SSD. Could this be the perfect computer accessory?

Western Digital unveiled a new high-level security platform for storage with G-Technology’s ArmorLock-Encrypted NVMe SSD. I know – what does all that mean? Essentially, Western Digital equipped G-Technology’s SSD with biometric authentication security so that even if your hard-earned data were to fall into the hands of trolls or hackers, they’d need your fingerprint to access any of it. Without compromising the hard drive’s speed or reliability, each Armorlock encrypted NVMe SSD is built with high-grade 256-bit AES-XTS hardware encryption, known for its impenetrability in the grips of eager hackers, and NIST P-256 elliptic curve-based key management, which encrypts hard drives with multi-factor authentication steps that only the owners can register and carry out.