Bedroom designs to inspire you with the best interior design ideas: Part 2

Bedrooms! Whatever your apartment size, there is one thing you will get first – a bed. And wherever you place it, that becomes your refuge. They say, if you make your bed in the morning, you are ready for everything that comes your way during that day because even if its a bad day, you come back to a clean bed, sleep and get a fresh start the next day. I say this thought applies to your entire bedroom as it is the haven that is your own, where the people invited are those closest to you and a place where you can let your creativity flourish because it is all yours! The bedroom designs here are here to inspire you, motivate you and help you visualize your bedroom that you will love!

Using wooden paneling to create a geometric contrast, this interior design by Max Shpak, Roman Kravchenko, Vladyslav Hreben, Alexander Lukyanenko, and Lena Sever’s Berlin House is a bright airy space without being overly feminine.

Amber Lewis of the Amber Interior Fame showcased this bunk bed with a beautiful shelving to store all the knick-knacks without any sibling fights!

A very unlikely place for a traditional bedroom, this attic bedroom by Griffith Designs inspires us to revisit that space in a whole new light, literally. Imagine having a skylight to look at instead of your phone on those long sleepless nights.

Having an entire dedicated room for yourself is a boon, but the reality is we often need to multitask in the same space. To make that happen, the Workroom designed by Zewrokroom Studio is giving us some major inspiration!

Blackband Design’s bedroom gives a refreshingly modern take to the traditional bunk bed design. Using black as an accent color repeated across the room, its a very minimal yet modern take for the millennial kid!

Andrey Sanko’s visualization of a bedroom is quite ordinary till we see the showstopper: the nest-like lamp hanging above the bed in rich tones of gold! The beauty of that design lies in its dynamic nature, with the unusual form making it feel like a twig might separate and fall down anytime!

Andrea West rekindles our love for accent walls with this dark accent wall that actually helps to highlight the bed with its blond headboard!

Speaking of accent walls, look at this textured beauty by Mary Hannah Interiors. Setting up a tone and a geometric theme for the entire room, we love the warmth this neutral color brings to the table, or shall we say to the bed?

Noha Ahmed plays with mirrors, patterns, and fabric to create a stunning backdrop for your bed. Perfect for a man cave, this bedroom blends the old and the new trends with ease.

What do we need for a good night’s sleep? A relaxing bath I say. Lemon leaf home design’s bedroom replicates the color scheme used in the bedroom in the bath as well, making both a seamless transition.

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