This stackable planter keeps your window clutter free and your plants healthy!

Ever since the pandemic started, we have been spending extended periods of time at home just quarantining and working. If you have a pet, it isn’t too bad but for others, it has become a time to shine as a plant parent! Having plants at home adds a little refreshing green to your space, can help purify the air and also give you something to care for that makes you feel good. But if you are a first-timer who has a small space and has only ever had succulents, then ToThem was designed for you – a planter that can take care of itself without crowding your windowsill.

ToThem is a modular vase system designed as a solution for organizing and taking care of multiple different plants in small spaces like city apartments. While optimizing space it was also essential for the designers to keep the form of the planter playful so they gave each part a unique shape that organically blends with the others. ToThem also has its own manual irrigation system that allows the water to reach the plants on all the levels at the same time. It also integrates a draining water reuse system. A smart planter that doesn’t use any tech to be smart, just good design.

The structure of the planter includes four juxtaposed vases of different shapes and dimensions designed keeping different plants in mind – aromatic plants (mint), Hedera Helix, Succulents (Aloe Vera) and flowers (Spathiphyllum). These plants were chosen for the positive properties they give to the interior environment and the inhabitant’s health (something we absolutely need in 2020). The warm, earthy tones complement the greens and transform any corner into a cozy one!

Designer: Camila Saulino and Alibek Atahanov