This BMW Motorrad electric concept is bringing back retro with the WWII-era sidecar!

We love seeing designers get creative with electric bikes! Each one is unique with its features and our current favorite is this conceptual electric BMW Motorrad blended with El Solitario MC elements that is nothing like we’ve seen before in the e-bike world. It is bringing retro sidecars back with a cool new makeover!

This electric motorcycle is designed for long-distance journeys keeping in mind any tough conditions that can come up on the way. The aesthetic has been inspired by the iconic Ural motorcycles with the designer adding his own modern twist on the post-WWII BMW customs. Why is this e-bike different from the rest you ask? Because it swaps the traditional passenger cart for a sidecar which will be equipped with tools and essential gear. The extra storage space also includes straps to hold down the cargo or tools you are carrying and with a flat base, there is room for extra batteries too.

To assist with night vision during long off-road adventures, there are three LED spotlights in the front of the detachable sidecar. The designer gives a modern tribute to the Ural motorcycle with the detailed elements of the design. The smooth yet angular body of the e-bike sports a slate gray paint which gives it a minimal appeal despite its otherwise muscle-y build. The translucent mudguards placed above the thick threaded wheels help to slim down its physical form visually.

It also features a screen display with essential controls that make communication easier with its simple UI. The swingarm supports a slim brown saddle leather seat with handlebar grips. The whole motorcycle is powered by an 18.7 kWh battery supported by the cargo sidecar’s extra supplies. It is still a concept so the exact performance is not known but it was designed for long-range rides and is pretty neat for an electric bike that balances nostalgia with a futuristic build.

Designer: Iago Valino