Audi Robosphere is a powerful Cyberpunk world machine curious to break records

Audi never seizes the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to future automotive trends. Their Sphere concepts, namely – Skysphere, Grandsphere, Activesphere, and Urbansphere being the prime examples. There four shapes of future progression resonate with the brand’s philosophy and for now are limited to the four-wheeler domain.

A concept design wants to break the ice for Audi with a dystopian world concept bike that fits right into the German automotive giant’s scheme of things. Dubbed Audi Robosphere, the presumed limited edition electric motorcycle aims to break the world speed record. Perfectly superimposed with Audi’s current Motorsport endeavor in Formula-E and soon to be in Formula-1, the electric bike is a monster under the hood.

Designer: Andrea Di Matteo

The goal of this project is to take Audi into the zone of record-breaking accolades – courtesy of the limited series of 50 road-legal parts honed by motorcycle mechanics. The target market for the handsome two-wheeled performer, well, the opulent class who don’t fret about taking their machine to the absolute limits.

Andrea has chosen a functional aerodynamic design, flowing from the front wheels to the rear, creating a soothing visual unison. Voluminous styling is dominant here, contrasted by the cool graphics and transparent aesthetics. To optimize the airflow even more, the handlebars are not protruding from the sides, rather they are integrated into the body. Those wide wheels and the geometrically aligned LED headlights to the body frame give off the tell-tale future motorbike character.

This bike has an extremely sporty setup just like you’d have in motocross bikes, but can be toggled for normal riding posture as well. Fork of the Robosphere draws inspiration from the Bimota Tesi 3D which is one impressive Italian art on two wheels. One of the most startling features of this Audi bike is the illuminated rear which doubles as a big headlight. Something that’s never-before-seen on a sprinting machine.