A Better Folding Cycle

The Union is a folding cycle that you can carry easily in public transport systems like buses and trains. Folded up, it’s more like backpack that doesn’t weigh you down. This 8-inch folding bicycle slams down in a jiffy and its most defining feature is that it combines the stem with the headlight and the saddle with taillight, for better visibility and safety.

Some of the issues that this sleek cycle tackles are:

  • Most folding bicycles have distorting problems while riding, so the framework of the bike must be integrated
  • After folding the bike, we “pull” or “drag” the bike instead of hand-carry it
  • Easy to carry on to the public transportation after folding
  • The process of folding should be easy and quick
  • The brake light and reflect light have reached the standard of safety

Designers: Weiche Wu & Minhan Lin


  • Quintin Smits says:

    A bike can get you over obstacles up to about half the height of the front wheel before launching you over the handlebars.

    Be sure to have a really good dental plan before buying this…

    Also, these tiny wheels will make for a very ‘nervous’ ride.

    It does look really cool, though!

  • Adam says:

    Wheels are a bit small. Strida has been making good foldable bikes for decades. That leaves me to believe this is more of a form project right? Would be interesting to know how to access the components.

  • el fro says:

    This bike looks pretty cool, but it would be a nightmare to ride in a city like New York City. I commute around Midtown, and a bike like this would get me killed, if I was lucky.

    1) Those tiny wheels will only operate on smooth pavement or tarmac. You will feel every ant you run over.
    2) Any obstacle you hit will launch you over the handlebars. Twigs, bottlecaps, manhole covers.
    3) The small wheels don’t do anything for ride stability, which means the riders will be all over the place.
    4) I can’t imagine anyone but the shortest of people being able to ride it without hitting their knees on the handlebars.

    If they made something like this with bigger wheels and a longer body (something closer to the Dahon design) then I think it would be a lot more feasible.

  • RideTHISbike says:

    Bikes with 8″ wheels can be quite pratical. I ride a CarryMe DS (dual speed) all over the New Orleans French Quarter. In high gear, I can cruise on the CarryMe at 18 mph; however, the streets of the “Quarter” can get quite congested and are also notorious for their poor and uneven pavement. No matter. I just slow down and approach obstacles at 90 degrees – or simply steer around the bigger ones. The benefits are worth it though because I can take this bike with me anywhere I go. I know of a guy that even toured Vietnam on a CarryMe – and ‘nam has really bad streets and roadways…

    As to the Union folding bike, the distance from the saddle to the handlebars appears too short. Now if that distance can telescope out to fit the size of the rider and if the bike came with a Schlumpf Speed Drive, it would be KILLER.

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