Fearless Yacht designed by Porsche Design

Porsche Design Studios is bringing some Stuttgart style to the boating business with its first-ever seacraft (the waterlogged 928 in Risky Business doesn’t count). Set to debut at next week’s Miami Boat Show, the 28-foot-long high-speed cruiser is a collaboration with Florida-based upstart Fearless Yachts. “We reached out and said, ‘You have a blank canvas,'” says Fearless CEO Jeffrey Binder, and the German creatives set about designing a luxury racer that could dominate what they dubbed the “aquabahn.” The boat boasts a fiberglass hull with the sleek curves and lean silhouette of a European coupe, and its “unitized,” or seamless, construction does away with unsightly rivets that might slow it down. There’s also a 525-horsepower Viper engine that helps the craft reach a top speed of 80 mph, which may not break any world records but will make you grateful for the Latham precision steering controls. Should 28 feet (and room for five) prove insufficient for your entourage, Porsche and Fearless are expanding the line to include vessels of up to 150 feet in length, and while the prices may be steepthe 28 starts at $300,000they have this advantage: They manage to make a 911 look like a bargain.

Designer: Porsche Design Studio [ Product Page ]