This compass-protractor stationery redesign reduces eye and hand strain while measuring

Right now everyone is looking for some sort of a guide – a tv guide, a medical guide, a moral guide, and probably even a literal guide like a compass. Since quarantine feels like running in circles might as well draw some perfect ones! Compass is also known as a rounder and this uniquely designed one called CARBU is definitely an all-rounder in the stationary design game.

CARBU is a compass and a protractor – so if you are a student or a designer, you know exactly how convenient it is to have tools that serve more than one purpose. The user can make multiple circles without measuring the distance of the opening of the legs with a ruler. The slim legs of the compass on the inside are clogged with discs that are integrated with low-power magnets for smooth movements. The compass has a 2 disc system for accuracy – the inner one disc shows the measurement in a 0.2cm interval and this is amplified with a second disc that magnifies it for ease of viewing. The inner transparent case has two options – you can measure with degrees (for angles and arcs) and also without degrees for simpler things. The second transparent case that has a magnifying glass shows the distance between the two legs of the compass precisely. The discs also tell you if you are in compass mode or protractor mode.

There is a window on the top of the circular disc that shows the distance/radius of the circle to the user directly as they move the compass legs. Ergonomically designed, this window lets you measure and draw without bending or using a scale to read the measurements. I mentioned moral guide earlier and this compass seems to have one of its own – it is built using materials that are recommended for sustainability. CABRU is made from a mixture of bio-plastic and activated carbon which increases the durability of the tool while keeping it light in weight. No strain on your eyes, no strain on your wrists, and no strain on the environment.

Designer: Michael Dimou

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