Poop Bucket With A Mission

We are all well aware of the various sanitation issues that developing countries are facing, the biggest one being poop management. It’s easy for the kids (and in some cases adults) to take to the open fields and roadsides, without realizing the implication of health hazards like disease outbreaks and food contamination. One of the solutions addressing this issue is the Poosh. This is a bucket-mounted toilet for the developing world.

Here are some highlights:

  • Human waste in its raw form is not safe to be used as a fertilizer on crops; however, after a lengthy decomposition process it becomes a good fertilizer.
  • Poosh emits low smell and is an easy-to-use toilet seat that works with a wide range of common bucket sizes.
  • A specially designed biodegradable bag (which collect the waste) made from bio-plastic includes some chemicals that speed up the decomposition of the human waste.
  • After about two weeks, one bag of waste will have transformed into a mound of rich fertilizer that can be used to add nutrients to crops.
  • The bag fits over a lip on the bottom of the seat and automatically seals when the bag is full and the seat is removed.
  • Poosh is constructed from post-consumer material (recycled water bottles), rubber, and bio-plastic. It has a simple, easy-to-clean design with no cavities that could collect waste and harvest germs.
  • The seat features a rubber resting surface so it will sit soundly and securely on a wide variety of buckets, including the common five-gallon bucket standard.
  • Precautions have been made to avoid unsanitary misuse.

Designers: Sangmin Bae, Kim Yeon Hee, Mark Whiting, Choi Eun Jung & Yu Hannie

Poosh Bucket Mounted Toilet Solution by Sangmin Bae, Kim Yeon Hee, Mark Whiting, Choi Eun Jung & Yu Hannie