This Star Wars G-Shock concept watch has come just in time for May 4th!

Brace yourselves, coming May 4th jokes are. Alright, I promise I’ll keep it minimal because it is ‘time’ to talk about this conceptual Star Wars edition G-Shock. Brazilian designer Vinicius Gasparete has given all us fans the collectible watch of our dreams, or maybe this is what lightsabers look like in 2020? Let’s be real, no one can keep a track of time in quarantine so a watch is truly mightier than a saber right now.

Gasparete designed this incredible G-Shock as a part of a challenge in the course he was taking at the Vida de Motion School. The concept is well-aligned with the global brand known for its sporty, masculine aesthetic built on its ethos of ‘absolute toughness’. But it pays equal homage to the details and elements of the Star Wars universe. This G-Shock balances both sides with a mastery that makes you believe that it is powered by the force (and maybe it is?).

The red and black combination is both subtle and bold. It is a must-have for every Jedi so they can know what time the Force is about to awaken. G-Shock, you’ve been looking in Alderaan (read: all the wrong) places for inspiration – this is the next watch you should create!

Designer: Vinicius Gasparete