A bellow-shaped pillow that inflates and expands to suit your comfort!

Named after the iconic French dessert that possesses the ability to extrude out of its container, the Soufflet pillow has an expanding quality to it too! The remote-controlled pillow comes with a bellow-shaped design that inflates or deflates based on the setting you choose.

The fabric pillow comes with a series of folds around 3 edges that allow it to expand and contract the way a bellow does, giving you a pillow that’s either flat or angular. A remote-control attached to the Soufflet lets you choose the setting, switching between a diagonal backrest or a slightly angled rest for your neck or feet. Do I love the concept? Yes. Do I really need to admire pillows when I’m already barely functional during a lockdown? Probably not.

Designers: Bina Baitel & Luce Couillet