Unleash the force with products designed to fulfill every Star Wars fan’s dream!

Once a day, every year, we officially have the right to geek out over Star Wars and showcase our nerdy self starting with breakfast at Admiral Ackbar’s Snack Bar, sipping on your R2 -Decaf and binge-watching the series in the order of your choosing – be it chronological, as per the release, Ernst Rister order or the Machete order for the prequel haters (I arguably fall in this category and I totally support it!) To be honest, we rarely need a chance to show off our love for Star Wars, wouldn’t it be cool if we could make this series a part of our life with usable functionality to boot! This collection is designed to highlight selectively designed products that merge functionality, fantasy, and support you with the force when you need it!

Designed taking inspiration from Star Wars’ Imperial Tie Fighters, Kenneth Cobonpue’s armchair literally turns conceptual interstellar aircraft design into furniture design! The chair comes with a welded aluminum pipe frame, with woven polyethylene cord to give it its appearance of an Imperial Tie Fighter jet. The chair’s design is slightly modified for comfort and stability, but to a large degree, it resembles the jet, with its large, hexagonal wings that also double up as armrests/legs, and a body at the center which forms the chair’s seat and backrest. Available in black as well as off-white, the chairs are quite literally a spitting image of those jets, and make a great addition to any Star Wars fan’s living space!

The Alhazen lamp is a play on the Lightsaber and uses acrylic optics to disperse light, much like most lightsaber toys and prototypes do. Designed by Saif Faisal who wanted a lamp that was both cool and practical at the same time, the Alhazen takes the lightsaber and changes a few key details to make it look like a prop from Star Wars, but also have a character of its own. The lamp is made from a wooden base that holds the lighting element, and the lighting element itself, comprising a handle, a hollow acrylic tube with an LED-strip, and an acrylic plug that sits on the top. Switch the LEDs on and the frosted acrylic diffuses them, while its edge-lighting properties allow it to glow from top to bottom like a lightsaber does.

The Samsung X Star Wars POWERbot VR7000 robot vacuum is by far the coolest one to date. These nifty little vacuums come in a choice of either a Stormtrooper or Darth Vader façade. I think you’ll be opting for the Darth Vader version though – with built-in Bluetooth connectivity and an onboard speaker system, it seems like a clear winner here. Boasting a suction power of 10 watts, these vacuums really do have the force, but not the one you’re thinking of, the POWERbot has CycloneForce technology, really sucking up anything in its path.

Pierre Hardy’s Vibe Sneakers, for instance, are a perfect embodiment of that aesthetic, with its jagged zebra-esque design that gives the shoes heavy dynamism and contrast, making them absolutely eye-catching and jaw-dropping. Built with a gum sole and a calf-leather upper, the Vibe sneakers from Pierre Hardy are luxury and style wrapped in a singular package. Creating an edgy contrast with the racy geometric stripes, the Vibe’s patterns actually draw inspiration from sound waves, which are translated onto the shoe’s body by pairing leather cuts all the way from the bottom to the very top.

Onnit’s kettlebells that come in rather realistic sculpted cast-iron, modeled using the heads of Darth Vader, The Imperial Stormtrooper, and Boba Fett. The idea behind using masked characters for the kettlebells not only makes for easier molding (imagine how annoyingly detailed a Chewbacca kettlebell would need to be), but also lends a certain gravitas and badass nature to the weights. The kettlebells also weigh in an increasing order of importance, with Boba Fett weighing in at 50 pounds, to the Stormtrooper being 60 pounds, and mister Vader weighing 70 pounds.

How does Vader like his tea? Burning hot! Although he doesn’t complain if it’s Luke-warm either… The Fowndry’s hilarious, quirky kettle pays tribute to one of cinema’s most popular villains. Designed with a silhouette that uncannily resembles Vader’s helmet, the Darth Vader Kettle comes made in Stainless Steel and Plastic, has a 1.7L capacity, and a whistle that the creators describe as being powerful enough to “awaken the Force”! We’re loving every bit of the adaptation, especially the handle that was designed to resemble the grip of Darth Vader’s lightsaber.

You know a fantasy series is truly iconic when a legendary cookware brand deviates from its standard design to dedicate an entire series for it! Take Le Creuset’s line of latest Star Wars equipment makes this is a must-have for every fan. Afterall this is the easiest way to showcase your love for Star Wars and ensure your cookware stands apart from the crowd.

Your gadgets and your favorite series should go hand in hand. The Cable Guy’s Darth Vader stands at a full eight inches high with his hands out in front of him, ready to receive your device. Simply rest your smartphone on the forearms. When you do so, this Darth Vader dock will ensure that your important electronics stay securely in place. You can use it to hold your phone while you watch a show, or you can simply keep it up off your desk with this Darth Vader phone dock. What’s better than having Darth Vader on hold with your gadgets while you work your way to them!

The X-Wing Knife Block has a way of making your knives look menacingly futuristic. With the ability to dock 5 knives, the X-Wing inspired block takes knife blades and uses them as laser-turrets. Can it knock enemy spaceships out of the sky? No, but it can julienne vegetables, pretty well!

The BB-8 Coffee Mug is the perfect mug to kick off any day. What better way to showcase your love for this adorable bot while sipping your coffee and gathering some force on the days you need the boost to keep you working!