Polaroid’s new $99 instant camera comes with autofocus and dual-exposure

Meet the Polaroid Now, an instant camera which, as its name rightfully suggests, wants you to live in the moments you capture. Designed around its i-Type film technology, the Polaroid Now is a simple, easy-to-use $99 instant camera that’s all about clicking great pictures. The Polaroid Now comes with an autofocus feature that allows it to automatically adjust between a 35mm and 40mm lens to capture your subject with great detail, be it a portrait or a landscape shot. It also has an adaptive flash that adjusts the flash hue based on the lighting of your scene. With a large, red camera trigger button on the front, all it takes for you to capture a great photo is to look into the viewfinder and click your picture when you’re ready. The Polaroid Now even comes with a double-exposure feature, allowing you to click trippy, artistic photos that print right out onto its i-Type film. Pretty impressive for a $99 camera!

Designer: Polaroid