Hair Love Thanks to Remington Shine, A Hot Review

I have semi-longish hair and blow dry almost every other day. It’s a known fact blow drying actually distresses and damages hair so doing it sparingly is key, but if you can’t avoid the heat, the Remington Shine Therapy Dryer may just be the ticket to healthier, shinier hair.

The Remington Shine Therapy dryer was a 2008 IDEA award finalist. Designed by Michael Nickel of Spectrum Brand, Inc., The Shine Therapy Dryer is a revolutionary hair dryer that applies a user-controlled vitamin moisturizing mist to the hair while drying. You just hold a button at the top of the handle to apply the moisturizing mist to the hair while styling. Sounds easy enough but does it work?

I’ve been using it for a month now and yes it does work. My hair is noticeably softer and shinier, but not without a little hard work. The Shine Therapy Dryer is a salon pro level tool. It has 2 power settings and 3 heat levels. The design is modern and feminine – which is expected given the target audience. It’s quite heavy but balances well in the hand. The moisturizing mist comes from a replaceable cartridge with just enough juice to last a month, if you use it every day. Two come with the dryer so at least you’ll get some use out of it to notice a difference. The mist is packed with vitamin E and avocado extracts and imparts a shampoo-like smell. It’s not heavy or greasy. In fact, the mist is so fine, I couldn’t even tell it was spraying.

You can find the Shine Therapy Dryer in most stores hovering between $40-50. If you’re in the market for a salon level hair dryer – go for it, but if the added weight and bulkiness puts you off, save your money for a pro Vidal Sassoon or Chi hair dryer.

What we liked:

  • Modern design.
  • Salon level quality.
  • Affordable for a pro level hair dryer.
  • Comes with a directional attachment.
  • Well balanced in hand.

What could be improved:

  • The rocker switches are too sensitive. It’s easy to press them while holding the dryer.
  • Shine cartridges are more cumbersome than useful. Leave-in conditioner before blow dry will achieve the same results.
  • No visual indication of when mist cartridge is low or out.

Designer: Michael Nickel [ Buy It Here ]