There’s a free-to-use COVID-19 Job Board that lets creatives find work during uncertain times

Created to help employers and creatives find each other amidst uncertain times, ‘The One Club COVID-19 Jobs Board’ is a free-for-all job-posting resource that aims at connecting people seeing to work globally with agencies and design studios.

The service was initiated by The One Club For Creativity, and is open to the entire industry, spanning individuals of all levels of experience and from all around the world. In an effort to keep the design industry from facing the blowback of an economic crisis, The One Club COVID-19 Jobs Board is completely free to use and requires no membership or signing up either. Creative individuals can either scan the job board for vacancies (there are internships available too), and recruiters can submit their job postings either for immediate openings as well for job opportunities expected in the future once the pandemic is over.

We encourage creatives to refer to this board for job/collaborative opportunities as well as recruiters to use this resource to post their openings too. A big part about what makes our creative community great is the amount of empathy we have and our ability to work towards a goal for the betterment of society. This job board is a result of that empathy and collaborative spirit.

Click Here to visit The One Club COVID-19 Jobs Board